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On Wed from 03:00 pm EST to 05:00 pm EST

Radio Junk Drawer started in April 2001. DP brings the junk-drawer perspective each Wednesday from 3-5 pm: smaht sound, garage visionaries & pop with a problem.

What’s so special about radio?
What is a junk drawer?
Why do you inevitably talk about geography?
What is the music that starts Radio Junk Drawer?
Wait, has this always been the music at the beginning of the show?
Tambourines over tremolo bars?
How much do you love Molly Nilsson?
How much or little do you believe in cockrock?
Do you still say Taylor Swift is good?
Who’s gonna love Alan Vega?
Why don’t you just go live in Lancashire?
What do you think of rockabilly?
Can I look at playlists of RJD shows?
Do you play new music?
How do you get the extro music to end at 5pm precisely?
How many turntables is enough?
Is the term “RJD” pretentious?
How does Sanford pertain?
Can I send you my music to maybe play on the radio?
Would you still love Clinic if they were from, say, Sag Harbor?
I thought you loved local music?
What’s the deal with you and Little Richard and JLLewis and Bo Diddley and JLHooker?
Pop with a problem?

rjd summer 2004


Jeff Bell art teacher, Windham High School

Listening to Archive Apr. 5th with my AP Studio art class and they’re loving it!
I’ll send you a shot of them at work if I can. Anyways, regarding Tomorrow Never Knows, a quirky phrase taken from Ringo during an interview, John found it hilarious. The replacement is from loops they each went home and experimented with. Paul along with a bunch of random other songs recorded seagulls. That’s what is most prominent.

David Pence

Jeff Bell, thank you SO much for listening and for writing. Thrilled that your AP Studio art class loved the show along with you! Viva la radio! Perhaps one or more of your students may be interested in listening to–or even joining–the Blunt Youth Radio program on Monday evenings.
All the best to you and your students at WHS!
David Pence


RDJ is ALWAYS good but it was REALLY good yesterday (7/12/17). Sent that ep to a couple people in hopes of getting them to start listening. You’re amazing! 🙂


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