Radio Junk Drawer

On Wed from 3:00 pm EST to 5:00 pm EST

Radio Junk Drawer started in April 2001. DP delivers the junk-drawer soundview each Wednesday from 3-5 pm: smaht sound, garage visionaries & pop with a problem.

What’s so special about radio?
What is a junk drawer?
Why do you inevitably talk about geography?
What is the music you play to start Radio Junk Drawer?
Wait, did you always play this music at the beginning of the show?
Tambourines over tremolo bars?
Do you still say Taylor Swift is good?
Who’s gonna love Alan Vega?
Why not just go live in Lancashire or something anyway?
What do you think of rockabilly?
Can I look at playlists of RJD shows?
Do you play new music?
How do you get the extro music to end at 5pm precisely?
How many turntables is enough?
Is the term “RJD” pretentious?
How does Sanford pertain?
Can I send you my music to maybe play on the radio?
Would you still love Clinic if they were from, say, Sag Harbor?
I thought you loved local music?
Pop with a problem?

rjd summer 2004

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