The Griddle of Groove

On Wed from 6:30 am EST to 8:30 am EST
With: Lars

Lars is a child of the original “Funk Period”  a disciple of King George Clinton and a true believer in healing power of music.  The Good Morning Vibes  radio program is a sausage factory of funk, rock, jazz and electronic dance music.  It is a boogie-down backdrop for a radical (and hopefully witty) political message of unbridled personal freedom and skepticism of authority that is designed to help you deal with your day.  The station vanguards even trust him with the key to the  VINYL VAULT so expect a few  33rpm chestnuts every week.   The program has been described by some as an “endearing mess that starts my mental cascade towards the weekend ”  join in on the fun LIVE every Wednesday 6:30 – 8:30am. If you missed the live broadcast scroll down to the archive links for the last five shows that aired and do your own “on demand” binge listen.




Kate Campbell Strauss Sax player, DJ & Jazz Music instructor, and founding member of the DOWNEAST SOUL COALITION stopped in to the WMPG Campus studio this morning!! HOW KOOL IS THAT !!! Thanks for taking time to say hey and share some music. – L

Kate Campbell Strauss

Thanks for having me on your show Lars! It was great to see you and hear the great music you always play on Good Morning Vibes. I’m so excited that I can now stream your last 5 shows on WMPG’s new website!
If any of your listeners are interested in Downeast Soul Coalition, please come hear us tomorrow night at HOME and also check us out at
Also, I bet many of your listeners will enjoy my new show Mondays 1:30-3pm on WMPG!
♪♪♪♪ Kate


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