CPB Transparency Compliance

WMPG Management and contact information:

Jim Rand, Station Manager
(207) 780-4424 stationmanager@wmpg.org

Jessica Lockhart, Program Director
(207) 780-4598 programdirector@wmpg.org

Dale Robin Goodman, Development Director
(207) 780-4151 development@wmpg.org

WMPG License is held by the University of Maine System

University of Maine System and the Board of Trustees

WMPG’s license holder is the University of Maine System and the Board of Trustees of the University of Maine System. The Board has full legal responsibility and authority for the University System and WMPG. All Board of Trustees meetings are open to the public.
Click here for University of Maine System and the Board of Trustees Members and all meeting dates and minutes

WMPG also has a Community Advisory Board. It does not meet the defintion of a CAB as defined by the CPB as we have volunteers from the station on the board. This board reviews the programming schedule, budgets and assists with longterm plans of the station. The CAB is made up of WMPG Volunteers, Listeners and University of Southern Maine Student and Staff representatives.

Meetings are open to the public and fall on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. They start at 7pm and are held on the USM Portland Campus in Room 1 in the Payson Smith hall. Minutes are available upon request of all meetings. Request should be made by email to stationmanager@wmpg.org.<>

WMPG  Advisory Board Members

Michael Manning, Chair, Staff Rep
Lorenzo Raffa, Vice Chair, Staff Rep
Annella Linton, Treasurer, Staff Rep
Ness Smith-Savedoff, Secretary, Staff Rep
Jeremy “Remy” Lindeman, Staff Rep
Buzz Poole, Staff Rep
Meri Lowry, Listener Rep
Todd Russel, Listener Rep
Michael Foster, Listener Rep
Nathan Stevens, Listener Rep
Dennis Gilbert, Communications and Media Studies, University Rep
Alex Carrier, Coordinator of Student Activities, University Rep
Jim Rand, Management Rep
Jessica Lockhart, Management Rep
Dale Robin Goodman, Management Rep

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WMPG’s Diversity Statement

Click for WMPG’s Diversity Statement.

WMPG Donor List and Political Activity Statement

WMPG will remove any donor name from our files when requested. Phone (207) 780-4424 for assistance. Also WMPG will never sell, rent, lease, loan, trade, gift, donate, transfer or exchange any donors’ names and personal identity information, and offers a means by which names and other personal identity information may be suppressed upon request, except as required by law or judicial process.


WMPG most recent Audited Financial Statements and IRS Form 990’s

Click for WMPG’s 2016 Financial Statement.
Click for WMPG’s 2015 Financial Statement.
Click for WMPG’s 2014 Financial Statement.
Click for WMPG’s 2013 Financial Statement.
Click for WMPG’s 2012 Financial Statement.
Click for WMPG’s 2011 Financial Statement.
Click for WMPG’s most recent IRS 990 Form

WMPG’s most recent CPB Annual Local Content Report

CPB 2015 Local Content report
CPB 2014 Local Content report


WMPG’s most recent CPG WMPG Annual Financial Summary Report

WMPG 2015 Annual Financial Summary Report



WMPG’s managers are employees of the University of Maine System

Click here to view their compensation


WMPG’s most recent EEO Statement