What Mama Wants

What Mama Wants is a program that considers how Mother Earth is impacted by toxic chemicals. It is designed to inform and inspire.

Interviews with scientists, legislators, citizens and educators are delivered in a way that is straight-forward and not too overwhelming. What Mama Wants shares ideas about possible solutions and how to engage with the community to work toward a healthier planet and population. Each episode is roughly 30 minutes. Each guest’s stories inform the public health conversation about PFAS and other toxic pollutants in our daily lives.

Kate Manahan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and came to her environmental activism against toxics through her practice with children and families. Realizing what children were being exposed to felt like a three-alarm fire. She wanted to inform wider audiences and inspire action toward less toxics and more health for all. Thus, What Mama Wants was born in March 2022.

Kate has a certificate in audio documentary studies from The Salt Institute. In 2019, her former show called New Mainers Speak, won the second-place award from the Maine Association of Broadcasters for Best Public Affairs Show. Kate is the founder of Thumbprint Audio.