New Mainers Speak

New Mainers Speak shares delightful, meaningful, funny yet sensitive conversations about what life is like in Maine for immigrants, in their own words. In each episode a member of the community shares personal experiences from his or her home country, as well as stories about life in Maine. New Mainers Speak is a 30 minute interview between a foreign-born resident of Maine and Kate Manahan, the show’s producer and host. Genuine empathy develops from witnessing an individual’s story. That information then informs the conversation about immigration and helps develop a more rich concept of what immigrants in Maine are thinking, doing and dreaming.

Kate Manahan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a certificate in audio documentary studies from The Salt Institute. In 2019 New Mainers Speak won the second place award from the Maine Association of Broadcasters for Best Public Affairs Show.

More than 200 guests, ages 8 to 93, have been interviewed from over 70 countries since 2014 and are also available to download at Follow the show on