WMPG Podcast Series Highlights

In addition to our wide range of talk show programming, WMPG is also host to a large number of podcasts! Between heritage and community-related content, educational and political broadcasts, and more easygoing programming based around the sharing of personal beliefs and stories, there’s something for all our listeners to enjoy in our vast collection of podcast series. Get some perspective on our shows straight from the DJs that host them.

OSA Podcast

“O.S.A. Podcast” looks at the business world’s use of Operations, Supply, and Analytics. Hosted by two USM students Jacob Curtis and Andrew Seile.

Franco-American Pathways

Using the resources available at the University of Southern Maine’s Franco-American Collection, we are doing a deep dive into the history and culture of Maine’s Franco and Francophone communities. Join us for monthly discussions about the importance of history, community, and stories.

Unorganized Thoughts

“Unorganized Thoughts” with host Danielle Russell dives right into all of the crazy unorganized thoughts she has throughout the day.

Sister Stargazers

“Sister Stargazers” offers terrestrial and celestial advice from two real-life sisters offering practical info for the astro-curious to inspire, connect, and synchronize your lives with ease, joy, and wonder.

Ear Scramble

“Ear Scramble’ is a youth-produced variety show serving up a mix of original stories from Southern Maine. Ear Scramble is a part of WMPG’s Blunt Youth Radio Project.

Amjambo Time

“Amjambo Time” is hosted by radio professional and Amjambo Africa News Editor Jean Damascène Hakuzimana and is a collaboration with the University of Southern Maine radio station WMPG’s “Global Mainers Initiative”. New episodes are released once a month on the second Saturday.

Ruby Peru’s Storytime Podcast

Join author Ruby Peru in listening to the chapters of a dramatized audiobook and discussing writing fiction, producing audiobooks, ghostwriting, and more. A fun and informative half-hour for writers, actors, and anyone interested in storytelling!

What Mama Wants

“What Mama Wants” is a program that considers how Mother Earth is impacted by toxic chemicals. It is designed to inform and inspire. Interviews with scientists, legislators, citizens, and educators are delivered in a way that is straightforward and not too overwhelming. “What Mama Wants” shares ideas about possible solutions and how to engage with the community to work toward a healthier planet and population. Each episode is roughly 30 minutes. Each guest’s stories inform the public health conversation about PFAS and other toxic pollutants in our daily lives.

Queer Spirit

Marvin Ellison and Tamara Torres McGovern co-host “Queer Spirit” on OUT Cast, a forum for LGBTQ+ issues, for WMPG community radio (90.9 FM, Portland, ME) and WERU (89.9 FM, Blue Hill, ME).  Queer Spirit explores queer life and the power of the Sacred through interviews with queer folks from different traditions and spiritualities.

The Final Round

“The Final Round” is a podcast based around combat sports and affiliated topics such as MMA, Boxing, and Wrestling among many others. We discuss current news and upcoming events within the professional combat sports scene as well as recap the events from the previous week. In addition, we will also showcase USM Wrestling and local fights.

Voices of the World

In this podcast, Rupal Ramesh Shah, a public health professional with a background in microbiology, connects with healthcare professionals in various parts of the world that are leading public health initiatives in their country. The purpose of the show is to provide a glimpse into global issues such as the rise of drug-resistant tuberculosis, lack of gender equality, poor access to clean drinking water, and more. The guests featured in this show vary in background, expertise, and diversity as they are from Tanzania, Pakistan, Brazil, and a wide variety of geographic locations.

The Three Letters Podcast

“The Three Letters Podcast” with host Ren Morrill takes a frank, but engaging look at the current state of HIV/AIDS. Loosely structured around the 13 National HIV Awareness Days, Ren interviews a variety of guests from activists to clinicians to academics to policymakers to feature unique perspectives on the past, present, and future of AIDS.

Wabanaki Windows

“Wabanaki Windows” is about Native issues. We Talk – You Listen

USM’s Free Press Podcast

Listen to several news stories from USM’s weekly newspaper. USM Student Carly Poulton brings you this audio edition of “The Free Press”.


Follow “USM NOW” to stay in the know about the happenings at the University of Southern Maine. This podcast features faculty, staff, students, and alumni talking about topics such as groundbreaking research, workforce development, thought-provoking events, the arts, student life, studying abroad, and more.

Hired Huskies Podcast

The “Hired Huskies Podcast” is a glimpse into the interesting careers of USM alumni. These exclusive and personal interviews capture the unique perspectives of Huskies from all walks of life and professional industries. Hear insider tips and tricks for paving your own successful career path and getting hired!

Watch Your Language

An original-locally produced game show that aired on Big Talk a while back. The writing is so good and the games are really clever, so we want you to enjoy a blast from WMPG’s past.

Podcast Open Mic

It’s a radio Open Mic for the digital age, with a slight update: one artist, one song, one short chat with me, Lorenzo. Have an original song you’d like to share with the world? Contact me at podcastopenmic@gmail.com and let’s talk!

Let’s Chat About It

A podcast from the students in USM’s Digital Radio/Audio production class. Many conversations about Sports, Film, Food, Games, and more.

I Have No Idea What You Are Talking About

“I have no idea what you are talking about”– a media podcast made by media students, exploring, learning, and having fun in the sphere of internet culture, movies, video games, and more.

Blooming Soul Living

A journey of Self Discovery, Self Acceptance, Spirituality, and living life through love.

Written in the Stars

Astrology gives us the chance to learn ourselves and grow all from a constellation that was in the sky when we were born. In this podcast, we discuss astrology, birth charts, and a touch of numerology. One of the best ways to go within is to look within the universe. Besides, everyone’s story was…. Written in the stars!


“Grit” is a podcast on WMPG exploring how Mainers respond to challenges and issues like the coronavirus pandemic, racism, and climate change through interviews and personal stories.

Maine Connected

“Maine Connected” podcast program is founded by Ashley Salguero-Gonzalez. The program’s objective is to inform the public of current news about what is going on in our community.

We Are Flatlanders

We are a podcast by a guy from Ireland and his wife from Texas who moved to Maine to start a new life together. Each week we discuss topics related to our experiences living in Portland and share funny stories. Join us as we recount our adventures in the Pine State!

New Mainers Speak

“New Mainers Speak” shares delightful, meaningful, funny yet sensitive conversations about what life is like in Maine for immigrants, in their own words. In each episode, a member of the community shares personal experiences from his or her home country, as well as stories about life in Maine. New Mainers Speak is a 30-minute interview between a foreign-born resident of Maine and Kate Manahan, the show’s producer and host. Genuine empathy develops from witnessing an individual’s story. That information then informs the conversation about immigration and helps develop a more rich concept of what immigrants in Maine are thinking, doing, and dreaming.

The Leprous Garden Podcast

In this series of interviews, Mantas chats with locals in Portland’s grim and grimy metal scene. Get to know the musicians, organizers, and promoters who bring the wonderful noise to the stage and leave your ears ringing. New episodes will be published (roughly) monthly.

Mama and DJ Dale

Hi, I’m DJ Dale. From 2007 to 20017 I was a volunteer DJ on our excellent local community radio station, WMPG, with my show “Wheeedoggies!”. Starting in 2009 I had the idea to call up my dear sweet mama down in Virginia each week and chat for a spell, thinking it would be fun for listeners to hear her accent, and because she is so sweet and kind and funny. We never had a plan of what to talk about. We usually started with the weather and went wherever either of us felt like going. From the beginning, the “Mama Joy” segment of my show was by far the most popular. Listeners across the spectrum – male, female, old, young & all in between – seemed to feel her genuine love for humanity right through the radio. To this day, people everywhere I go ask me how she is doing and ask me to please pass along their heartfelt regards. Here are the recordings of our conversations from those years. My mama is one-of-a-kind, and we were all lucky to have those minutes with her each week. I hope you enjoy re-listening or hearing her for the first time. Mama is still with us, now in her mid-80s, and…she loves you a bushel!


Nonprofit, business, and community leaders share their visions for Maine in monthly interviews with “MaineQuality” host Orion Breen.

Refugees of Portland

“Refugees of Portland” centers around the lives of refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers in Portland, Maine. This podcast hopes to rid the stigma surrounding this community.

Corrupted Files

“Corrupted Files” is a lighthearted but properly spooky supernatural mystery podcast. Shunned paranormal investigator Annabelle Bright and Special Agent Blair Sharp are on a quest for the truth. But something in the woods wants to catch them before they do… and keep them.

Voices from the Other Side

“Voices from the Other Side” is primarily intended, first of all, to be a beacon of hope and a true ‘voice” for our “forgotten” incarcerated communities, of both women and men, within the confines of the Department of Corrections. Certainly our target audience( as well as interviewees) may very well be these same prisoners, who might otherwise,for the most part, face an almost insurmountable task of ever being heard from, by the outside community, while serving out their sentences.

The Escape Pod

“The Escape Pod” transports you to the outer reaches of audio comedy, spaced-out ideas, and beguiling guests. Irreverent but never irrelevant, mildly intelligent, totally listenable.

Beast to Weast

Listen in as Dakota, and occasional guests, rank their favorite media from “BEAST TO WEAST”. Hear them geek out over other podcasts, Marvel characters, music, Youtube, and so much more all while giving our opinions on the best and worst that today’s media has to offer.

The Greater Good

“The Greater Good” is a podcast devoted to complex and emerging issues in law, business, and policy.

Broke Da Mouth

“Broke Da Mouth” is a podcast about the many different food systems that function globally. We deliver a deep dive into topics that revolve around the many different facets of those narratives. This is an impartial and informative podcast that is produced by USM Students involved with the Food Studies Department. Hope you enjoy it.




text by Caroline Davis