WMPG Celebrated Local Design Talent at Port City Music Hall

The 15th annual WMPG Fashion Show was a creative, beautiful night of local design talent struttin’ it’s stuff on the Port City Runway.

If you joined us there, thanks for coming! If you missed it, photos and video are on the way. You may view it here on the website, or on our Facebook page.

Special thanks to Artistic Director Cindy Flanders, and Technical Director Pete “DJPJ” Paraskevas for their many hours and their dedication to making things run smoothly and beautifully for this show. And the Port City Music Hall team always does a great job.

Gratitude to the stage crew, the designers and models, our student helpers, WMPG volunteers, photographers, videographers, and WMPG’s own Low Down Dirty Shane for the runway music! The opening performance by Nikki Hunt and Friends was stunning! And to Maureen for the posters and fliers, and to Cybercopy for the printing. It takes a village, and we’ve got the best village around! THANK YOU ALL!