Volunteer Profile: Cristy Falcone

Name: Cristy Falcone
DJ Name: CRS
Show Name:  The Loop
Broadcast Time:  1-4AM alternating Sundays
Local or Transplant?  Grew up Long Island, NY. Went to school in VA for 8 years, moved to Maine 2014. I’ve been coming to Maine all through my childhood.  I like it and plan to stay.

What do you do at WMPG? DJ on The Loop

How did you get involved at WMPG?  I first heard WMPG when I lived north of Portland. I was working on a farm and doing deliveries.   I’d drive down to restaurants delivering from the farm and the truck had no port for mp3’s, no CD drive nor tape ..just radio.  I found Radio Junk Drawer on WMPG. I loved all the songs I’d be Shazam-ing them.  I realized no one was playing techno on WMPG so I googled WMPG and found that you could train to become a DJ. I did the training, and went straight into a show!  It was 6.30 – 8.00am at the time  but then I got the 1am show which is perfect for a techno show.

How long have you been at WMPG? Since December 2017.

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering? I work in tech support at IDEXX though I’ve had a lot of other varied jobs including organic farming and service industry drudgery.

In my spare time, I’m learning how to DJ – mixing and producing music.  I’m in a synthesizer club too – we meet up, bring a synthesizer and play.  I  also like to cycle and do a bit of gardening.

Why is WMPG meaningful to you? WMPG plays real music – not the top 40 and not commercial.  I like all the WMPG community and love the vinyl library at the station.

Hear Cristy on WMPG:

The Loop: http://live-wmpg.pantheonsite.io/show/sun0100/

Photo credit: Annella Linton
Interview by Annella   Date: May 2018