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I was asked once what “crossfade” meant and realized it’s not in everyone’s vocabulary. The dictionary doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge it as a single word. Spell check always wants to see it as “cross fade.” So I guess we’ll call it a word used in the trade of theater, radio, and other audio areas. A crossfade is when one sound fades into another, such as fading out one track on a CD and fading in a new track on a different CD. There is a point at which they are both playing to a greater or lesser extent.

I thought it was an appropriate name for a global music show; a show that moves from one culture to the next, sometimes gradually, sometimes abruptly. Cultures do the same thing when they intermingle traditions, language, populations, etc. Humans are always on the move and changing. The music of the world is always on the move and changing. I try to bring as many different sounds to your ears as I can find. It might be a traditional piece from Africa, a rock band from Scandinavia, jazz from Asia, or country from North America. I guess you could describe the show as “music from the planet Earth”.

Most of the time I am pretty spontaneous on the air and don’t plan a show. I just arrive and start with something and the show develops. That said, there is one time of year where there is a little bit of forethought for the end of the calendar year. The annual Reindeer Music show occurs usually between Christmas and New Year’s, exploring the music and culture of the reindeer herding people around the Arctic Circle. This tradition began in 2013 as a way to celebrate the season without doing a “Christmas” show. Ever wonder about reindeer? Tune in and find out! It’s always family-friendly.

Barb Truex