One Nutty Ride/Lessons in Fludity

On Wed from 04:00 am EST to 06:30 am EST

Two great shows that alternate weeks:

“One Nutty Ride with Tom DiMenna.” It’s 0400. What’s the 0 stand for? 0 my God its early. Come get nutty on this winding road through the odd, the silly, and the sensational. World, Folk, and Country.

“Lessons in Fluidity” with DJ Malacus is music for the early birds and the night owls. Lessons in Fluidity showcases the softness in every genre, from hip-hop to folk to classic rock. There’s always something for insomniacs to find rest in or something gentle to start out your morning.

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jonathan padwe

Hi I loved the music played between 5:30 and 6:00 AM on Wednesday, June 7… The 5-6 songs before Pink Floyd. How could I find out what artist(s) that was? Thanks!


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