Land of the Lost

On Thu from 03:00 pm EST to 05:00 pm EST

Land of the Lost, I play a lot of twisted psych, garage, weirdo music and punk songs. And now…NY Mike joins Land of the Lost.


On February 7th NY Mike presented a Land of the Lost special on the Canterbury Scene. Check it out! 

Link to the playlist.

The Canterbury Scene was a sibling to progressive rock of the late 60s and 70s. It fused the intellectual side of prog rock with absurdity, whimsy, and pop, as well as jazz. Soft Parade and Caravan were the standard bearers, but many other bands and musicians were part of it. Join NY Mike as he delves into the Canterbury Scene.








Theme song for the show is title track from the Wipers LP of the same name.


Land of the Lost!

Click here to see what was played last week!






Jim- Loved the Eric Burdon show today. As a hippy chick of the ‘60’s it was a great trip down memory lane. You get an A++ for the great background and for answering the timeless ? Of who was the Eggman. LOL

John McNairy

Hi. Im John McNairy.
It sure was great to know Skip. I never realized how many records he put out until after he passed. This album , The Best Of Moby Grape is really a keeper. It rocks. The whole album is cool. It;s too bad that he was stuck with mental illness. I was too. We lived in San Jose in a community full of mental patients. However we managed to get through the depression with beer and pot. We were lucky we had a lot of friends and the drop in center which supplied our band equipment. We had a large P.A. system also. Skips guitar playing was fantastic. I recommend this album. I'm very pleased with it. But I surely enjoyed epicenter too. We had a great time on stage. I would sing or Skip would sing or other members would sing. We also would trade off instruments. Sometimes Skip would play the bass or the drums and I would play guitar or bass and sing. What an album this is!!! AnyI’ve now got 20 years of sobriety and 11 years smoke free. Never thought Id achieve this but I did. I now play bass for a church band.

John McNairy

Hi. Im John McNairy. I Was in Skips band Epicenter back in San Jose the late 80’s. I used to run into Skip a lot downtown and we usually put our money together to get us some Malt Liquor. I usually carried a guitar with me so we would drink and take turns playing songs. He was very sharp on that guitar. We dropped in to the recreation center at the church and with the staffs generosity we got equipment to form a band. They all knew about Skips fame of being in Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape so we auditioned a few guys and had ourselves a Rockin good time. Man was Skip a natural on stage. I had a lot of fun too. Did you know that Moby Grape opened at the Monterey Pop Festival? What a Great guy Skip was……..RIP Bro……….. johnmcairy.


man those two gentlemen on the 4/19 show sound absolutely fantastic!!!


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