We Are Miscellaneous / So Fertile

On Sun from 04:00 am EST to 06:30 am EST

We Are Miscellaneous a multi genre, hodge-podge of rare and deep tracks from interesting bands. We’ll have Jazz, Old-timey Country, Blues and 70s Punk. With DJ Josh

alternating weeks with

So Fertile! A hairy romp with no boundaries for decade, language or style; lubed with a love for the trashy, the queer and the mundane. Genre explorations, surreal narratives and improvisation often guide programming. With Loretta Lu


Vinyl Hampton

Love that cover version of the Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen reminds me so much of my youth that song

Andrea Williams

Hi Joshua and Loretta, I must know the song you last played on your show on 8/25. I was driving to work during sunrise and the fog was lifting and I felt like I was in the Scottish Highlands. I want to add it to my library!


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