Global Island Music

On Sat from 04:00 am EST to 06:30 am EST

Global Island Music with DJ DUST

I am going to play original music from anyone who lives on an island.
Fiji, Hawaii, Bali, Sumatra, Big Island, Hawaii, etc.

You can live on an island, such as Rhode Island, and islands like Long Island.
Not really an island but it carries the name.

I will include the word, ‘LAND’. For example; Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Finland, and Poland.

And, if you think you live on an island from far away of the USA.
Like for instance, Alaska, Australia, Indonesia, and Japan, it’s another exception.

Once a month, I will include someone’s music who does not live on an island, on the air. You must send me your music, along with an email describing your fantasy island you don’t really live on. And, it has to be so convincing, it makes me think it does exist~ your music has to be original.