Sonic Flight

On Mon from 03:00 pm EST to 05:00 pm EST

Somewhere out there the baggage is stowed, trays are fully upright and in the locked position, and the pilot is making the final adjustments. We are clear for takeoff. The destination: some SICK BEATS

So check your anxiety at the door. You don’t have to pick it up after we’re done if you don’t want. Heck, I don’t even think we put it on the plane. Oops. You’re just going to have to dance and have a good time. You are my rock (and roll) and I just wanna make you folkin’ happy because you make me feel electric.

The flight will take us everywhere around the world. Some places that we frequent and some that we don’t. The nice thing about this imaginary airplane is that we can fly anywhere we want, including your living room.

Sonic Flight is an eclectic music show with lots of new music but also some old. I want to play your songs if you have them!

Sonic Flight first aired May 28th, 2018
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