Down The Rabbit Hole / In Thru The Outhouse

On Fri from 04:00 am EST to 06:30 am EST

Two great shows alternating weeks:
Down the Rabbit Hole! Lisa brings changes, in theory, each time but it’s always upbeat …a good way to wake up and start your day! and there’s an occasional guest that fits the theme. World punk party?

In Through The Outhouse is a mystical dump, a momentary pause in our modern life of technological conveniences where we are more open to the silence and that which is inconvenient and/or uncomfortable for us. In Through The Outhouse is a secret door to another world where anything is possible and where everything, including what we repress and hide, ultimately comes together. By diving into the land of “shit,” we can find what is precious to us. In Through The Outhouse purposefully juxtaposes genres to generate vitality and insight. Genres include classical/modern classical/ avant-garde/experimental/new age/ambient and also spoken word, short spiritual discourses and clips from movies, select remixes of r & b, hip hop instrumentals and various electronica/dance sub-genres. In Through The Outhouse is a reprise of a show he did in the later 1980’s at WMPG when it was stationed in Gorham. Jai is very happy to bring his DJing skills back to USM after some thirty years away.