Classic Rock/Show Tunes

On Mon from 04:00 am EST to 06:30 am EST
With: Bill


Jump on board The Night Train Show’s Early Monday Morning line-up of shows.  One Monday morning, it’ll be The Night Train’s Theatre Cruise with Broadway Bill, along with his famous Night Train Crew.  The following Monday morning, it’ll be The History of Rock & Roll with your Rock & Roll Rebel, Bill Audette, along with his famous Night Train Crew.

To be more specific, Monday mornings from 4 to 6:30 am, you’ll hear either 1) the finest in showtunes from Broadway, Off-Broadway and London’s West End Theatre district, songs from the soundtracks of films and a TV Toone theme song; or 2) the famous, familiar and long-gone-and-forgotten Pop/Rock songs from the first 30 years of Rock & Roll [mid-1950s through mid-1980s, but mostly from the 1960s]. And remember: It’s Bill’s platter-chatter that makes it all matter!

Bill welcomes your input.  You can request a showtune, a song from the soundtrack of a film, a TV Toone theme song, or a golden oldie that dates back between the mid-1950s and the early 1980s.  Just email your name, your town/city and your song requests to:  If you have a special time you want to hear your request, put that special time in your email.  If you have a comment about your song request, write it in your email to be read on-the-air!  You can also call Bill’s Boss Hitline: 207-780-4909.

Finally, you can also listen (at your convenience) to any of the last five archived Night Train Shows: 1) Go to WMPG’s website at, 2) click on LISTEN, 3) click on STREAM A RECENT SHOW and then 4) click on Classic Rock/Show Tunes, which you will find in the bottom right-hand corner of the programming grid.