Classic Rock/Show Tunes

On Mon from 04:00 am EST to 06:30 am EST
With: Bill


Jump on board The Night Train Show’s Early Monday Morning line-up of shows.  One Monday morning, it’ll be The Night Train’s Theatre Cruise with Broadway Bill and his famous Night Train Crew.  The following Monday morning, it’ll be The History of Rock & Roll with your Rock & Roll Rebel, Bill Audette, along with his famous Night Train Crew.  Monday mornings from 4 to 6:30 am, you’ll hear either 1) the finest in showtunes from Broadway, Off-Broadway and London’s West End Theatre district or 2) the finest Pop and Rock songs from the first 30 years of Rock & Roll. And remember: It’s Bill’s platter-chatter that makes it all matter!

You can request a special showtune, a special song from your favorite film or a vintage golden oldie.  Just email your name, your town/city and your song requests to:  If you have a special time you want to hear your request, put that special time in your email.  If you have comments about your song requests, write them in your email to be read on-the-air!

Finally, you can listen (at your leisure) to any of the last five archived Night Train Shows: 1) Go to WMPG’s website at, 2) click on LISTEN, 3) click on STREAM A RECENT SHOW and then 4) click on CLASSIC ROCK/Show Tunes, which you will find in the bottom right-hand corner of the programming grid.