Community Change Maker – Sergio Cahueque

Sergio Cahueque is our first Community Change-Maker at WMPG!   Sergio Cahueque has been nominated by a long term listener and donor.

Sergio Cahueque is a grassroots organizer for Defend Our Health in Portland, Maine..  That means he is the one who talks to people who have been impacted by PFAS on their farmland, lead paint in their apartment, or arsenic in their water. And what makes Sergio exemplary at his job is his genuine empathy.  His ability to listen with an open heart makes people feel comfortable.

Sergio is known to start by really listening to people’s stories. Then he supports their ‘getting to know others’ with the same issue, and finally, he empowers impacted communities to use their voices to ask for policy changes that end up benefiting the health of the whole community. 

Sergio seems like he was born to be an organizer.  Recently he was recognized as a Clean Water Champion through Natural Resources Council of Maine, and now he’s a WMPG Community Changemaker!

Sergio Cahueque was nominated by Kate Manahan from What Mama Wants podcast for WMPG’s friendraising campaign where we celebrate our Community Change Makers here in Southern Maine.   An audio piece on Sergio will be running throughout the week (listen below).

Do you know someone who is a community change maker here in Southern Maine? Someone who works hard for the benefit of our community and is devoted to their mission?  Maybe they work for a non-profit? Would you like to  recognize this person by sharing and sponsoring their story on WMPG?  Visit for more information