NEW SHOW: Intercultural Insights

Intercultural Insights.

Every Tuesday, from 11:30 am until noon, Intercultural Insights will feature a rotation of four distinct programs highlighting community events and stories in the Portland area.

  1. On the first Tuesday of every month will be the Black Owned Maine Podcast hosted by Rose Barboza. Rose will sit down with Black entrepreneurs in Maine to hear their stories and inspire the next generation of wealth builders.
  2. On the second Tuesday of each month, Intercultural Insights will be hosted by USM professor Dr. David Lowry, who is the founder of the Indigenous People’s Trust — an initiative calling for justice and the return of Indigenous land.
  3. The third Tuesday of the month will feature Dr. Idella Glenn, the Vice President of Equity, Inclusion, and Community Impact at USM.
  4. The fourth Tuesday of each month, Intercultural Insights will spotlight featured artists from the Indigo Arts Alliance, an art studio in Portland, Maine, that offers residency and workspace to Black and Brown artists.