Fall Fundraiser (Begathon) – Oct 18-24


Thank you for donating during our fall fundraising.  Mail is still trickling in from the post office so we don’t have a final figure yet but we are currently sitting at $63,000!  Big shout out to all of you donors including our sustaining donors. Hip hip hooray! (repeat 3 times)

WMPG’s Fall fundraiser takes place from Tuesday, Oct 18 through Monday 24th. The WMPG management team alongside our volunteers will be asking you, our listener-supporters for donations.  We have a goal of $60,000 to meet the station’s operations budget. You can donate online in advance to lower the WMPG stress-o-meter!

The week long fundraiser, known as Begathon, is a 7-day celebration of the unique opportunities that radio offers. “USM students, alongside community members,  come to WMPG to learn how to make audio – for live broadcast or for podcast.” Annella Linton, Development Director, says. “Our program director (and USM faculty member), Jessica Lockhart teaches the skills and responsibilities of broadcast, then leaves the music and/or topics discussed to the student. No restrictions like there are on commercial radio”

WMPG is dedicated to preserving access to the public airwaves for the people of southern Maine, and especially the voices and languages not heard elsewhere on the broadcast dial.

Located at and affiliated with the University of Southern Maine, WMPG relies largely on listeners and local business to fund the station and does not receive operations funding from USM.

“We raise our own operating funds,” says Station Manager Jim Rand, “and a majority of that is from local sources – our listeners and local businesses. Begathon is how we get the word out to our supporters. It’s a party atmosphere here… much like a family reunion, as volunteer staff and listeners gather at the station to make donations, answer phones, ‘pitch’ on air, and keep the festive vibe alive for all 7 days.”

There are many ways to donate:

  • online at WMPG.org
  • Venmo – find us @wmpg-fm
  • PayPal – send money to @wmpgfm
  • During the drive by calling the Begathon hotline: 207 874-3000.
  • In person – visit the station on the Portland campus of USM at 92 Bedford Street.