Begathon Shenanigans

There has been fun and drama at WMPG HQ during our Spring fundraising!DJ Perky

DJ Perky (Perky’s Auditory Canal) came up with a song for Begathon to the tune of Help! by the Beatles.  Have a watch!

DJ Perky singing Help!

In other news, it was big drama with Bat-a-thon.  WMPG had a resident bat which had DJ Shaxx crawling across the floor in horror to escape the cute little winged mammal.

From being sighted in our basement vinyl vault to thinking we trapped it in our program directors office, it ended up in our reception where it scared the be’jesus out of everyone.   All turned out well as Thad, our USM work study student captured it and Morgan, our sound engineer, released it back outside.

Here’s a short snapshot of the drama