Tony Lewis is a 25-year local of Portland, stumbling his way through Portland Public Schools and the University of Maine at Farmington before landing in an apartment about 500 feet from the WMPG studios. Tony is a longtime lover, listener, and scholar of Bob Dylan's works, opinions, and cultural impacts. He was playing along to Dylan on a harmonica when he was 4 years old; he spent much of his adolescence teaching himself to play Dylan songs on his dad's old guitar; he wrote his undergraduate thesis on Dylan's fated motorcycle crash of 1966. His shelves are brimming with Dylan biographies, collections, and more. A black and white photo of Dylan in a wide-brimmed flowery hat and heavy fur coat hangs above his dresser. Bob Dylan lives in Tony's basement. It goes on and on.

In his free time, Tony likes to write, draw, play music, and get out for a round of frisbee golf whenever he can. Taking any and all questions you might have, dear listener.