A part time Beat Pharmer, I am blessed to have the opportunity to share the music I love with WMPG listeners.

My radio career started back in Rhode Island at the University of RI station WRIU. When I moved to Portland, I instantly identified WMPG as the radio oasis we all know & love. It was there that I started with a Rock & Roll night-tme gig , then moved to a Thursday evening Jazz slot only to land on Sunday Evenings as host & producer of a Bump & Grind spank'er call "You'll dance to anything" Now as host of Good Morning Vibes I'm part of the Java Jive strip of morning shows. This is where I can truly run amuck through the the WMPG Music library & studio selecting the best in Jazz, R&B, Soul, Celtic, Funk and Global beats, I enjoy spinning vinyl so expect a favorite or an LP that hasn't seen play in many a day. Request are always welcome and it is those requests that typically launch me on a set that becomes so full of surprises it makes me want to do it again and again. Remember it's all about "the beat, it's the driving force that holds our lives together. without rhythm your heart wouldn't beat, it would be without direction or mood or shades"* . Join me on Thursday morning 5am - 630am live or on demand from our archive your portal to the beat.

* Quote lifted from HipHip Chin Chin see below link