Radio Drama Revival

A show dedicated to exploring contemporary radio drama

Thought that the 50s meant the end of radio drama? Think again! Every week Radio Drama Revival! showcases new, original audio theater pieces from across the country and across the world, including podcasters and professionals, veterans and newbies alike. Stories range from the familiar to the fantastic, with sci-fi, fantasy, horror, drama, comedy, mystery, and other things that just can’t be nailed down. RDR! is produced by Fred Greenhalgh, a WMPGer who also produces his own audio theater work under the moniker FinalRune Productions. Previous episodes here and at the blog and podcast:

Halloween ’07 Special, part I

Includes two pieces:

“The Statement of Randolph Carter”

A man is brought into the police station of small southern town, delirious and rambling about demons and the occult. But though the authorities remain skeptical, eerie events begin to unfold as he recites his terrible tale, and they all soon realize that things have been opened that would have better remained closed. This masterful adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s story was done by William Dufris of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, an award-winning audiobook narrator who has shared the mic with some of the world’s top talent. This installment, from his “Nightmares on Congress St.” collection, is sure to make you think twice about opening doors to unknown worlds.

“God of the Razor”

A man investigates an old Texas mansion looking for antiques, but soon finds more than he bargained for. Because in this lonely stretch of town, ancient gods walk the earth, and their followers have no choice but to follow their twisted demands. This haunting story by horror master Joe R. Lansdale was adapted by Jerry Stearns and produced by AM FM Theater as part of the Grist Mill series, a horror program dedicated to chilling contemporary tales. “God of the Razor” won the Ogle Award for best Fantasy Audio Drama in 2007.

Halloween ’07 Special, part 2

Includes two pieces:

“Dark Passenger”

Two friends head to Downeast Maine to say farewell to a crumbling house of many memories — though most no one wants to remember. They scare each other along the way, but the laughter stops when those fears begin to get too real. But what’s lurking beneath the surface has started to awake, and there’s no turning back. FinalRune Productions’ “Dark Passenger” is inspired by a true story too eerie to forget and was recorded on location in Old Orchard Beach, and produced by WMPG’s Frederick Greenhalgh.

“Blind Man’s Confession”

A young man goes on a ride one night he’ll never forget. Another chilling tale by FinalRune Productions, produced for Halloween in 2006.