Amjambo Time – George Bugadu chats with Chellie Pingree

Tonight’s show at 7pm

Amjambo Africa’s Georges Bugadu talks with Congresswoman Chellie Pingree about the asylum seeking process and the federal rule about waiting for work permits.
Madeleine Saucier of MIRC talks to us on Amjambo Time about the food program in the motels.
Rwandans and friends around the world are commemorating the genocide against the Tutsi that took place in Rwanda and killed close to one million people in 1994. The president of the Rwandan community in Maine Apollinaire Munyaneza describes this year’s planned event
And to fulfill our promise from last time – Clarisse Karasira is on the Show today – a singer from Rwanda with a huge following who is now a Mainer and busy exploring the music scene here.