Federal Funding and Community Radio

Protect Public MediaIn the Trump Administration’s initial budget the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is defunded. For nearly 50 years, the CPB has supported high quality programming across non-commercial radio, television and digital platforms. WMPG receives 25% ($70,000) of its annual operating funds from CPB, funds that provide for informative national syndicated programming and also help cover numerous expenses, from electricity to equipment to staffing.
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Learn about what you can do to defend community media at Protect My Public Media.

What is Community Radio? A sub-set within non-commercial public broadcasting in which most of the programming content is designed and created by local trained volunteers. These are locally based, locally focused community development organizations and individuals that use non-commercial radio as their outlet to build community.

To contact our Congressional Delegation to let them know how important community media is to you:

Senator Susan Collins:
413 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Main: (202) 224-2523
Fax: (202) 224-2693
68 Sewall Street, Room 507
Augusta, ME 04330
Phone: (207) 622-8414

Senator Angus King:
133 Hart Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-5344

202 Harlow St.
Suite 20350
Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: (207) 945-8000

Congressman Bruce Poliquin:
1208 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-6306
Fax: (202) 225-2943
6 State Street
Suite 101
Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: (207) 942-0583
Fax: (207) 942-7101

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree:
2162 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-6116
1 Silver Street
Waterville, ME 04901
Phone: (207) 873-5713