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Are you ready to feel fulfilled and be successful in all areas of your life?

Successful Balanced Living provides valuable insight, information and resources to help people live a healthy, active, sustainable life. Guests will share their knowledge about natural health, complementary and alternative medicine, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, finances, relationships and non-profit organizations that are making a difference in our communities. So tune in to find out what steps you can take to have a healthy, happy, successful balanced life!

Upcoming Shows:

January 4 – Chris Mosunic, owner of The Weight Loss & Diabetes Center – Goals they have for this center and how they can help people permanently lose weight

January 11 – Dr. Eric Mitchell – Opiate addiction & Medical Marijuana

January 18 – Mischa Schuler, owner of Wild Carrot Herb – Benefits of using herbs and how to boost your immune system this winter

January 25 – Dr. Ella Coffren, owner/operator of Synaptic Chiropractic – How stress can lead to disease and what neurologically based chiropractic care is

February 1 – Deb Bergeron, owner of Ocean of Possibilities – Why she started the 100+ Women Who Care chapter

February 8 – Jess Elsner & Amy Gamboa, owners of Foss Fitness – Why exercise is important and what happens to your body as you age if you don’t exercise


The following is a list of the shows that were previously recorded and can be heard by clicking on the date at the bottom of the page:

December 28 – Lauren Archambault, Opportunity Alliance – Discussion about becoming a foster parent

December 21 – Dr.  Diane Hayden, owner/publisher of Essential Living Maine magazine – She will discuss the magazine she started 10 years ago in Connecticut called Natural Nutmeg and why she decided to start Essential Living Maine magazine here as well as the book she co-authored called, The Weight Loss Puzzle: Finally Solved

December 14 – Rachel Horton White, Intuitive Life Coach – Will discuss The Law of Attraction and a local group she just started called Souls Gathering Together.

December 7 – Mary Moskowitz & Laura Manuel, Weight Loss Center of Maine – Healthy planning to avoid putting on those extra pounds during the holidays

November 30 – Cassie Brooks, Co-owner Coastal Pharmacy & Wellness – Will discuss their mission and how they are making a difference by being the only integrative pharmacy in Maine.


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