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Are you ready to feel fulfilled and be successful in your life, physically, mentally and spiritually?

Successful Balanced Living provides valuable insight, information and resources to help people live a healthy, active, sustainable life. Guests will share their knowledge about natural health, complementary and alternative medicine, nutrition, fitness, personal growth, green living, finances, relationships and non-profit organizations that are making a difference in our communities. So tune in to find out what steps you can take to have a healthy, happy, successful balanced life!

Upcoming Shows:

December 6 – Dr. Kevin Ross Emery  is a sought after leader, innovator, author, teacher, synergetic catalyst, speaker, and an expert in the ADD/HD field.  He will talk to us about how to create a healthy holiday for your children so they will carry good habits forward into adulthood.

December 13 – Beth O’Hara-Miklavic with Community Health Options – She will explain what “Open Enrollment” time means in the health insurance world, what options are out there to help people gain access to affordable health insurance and what to do if you might be one of those Mainers who falls within the gap of not qualifying for Mainecare and not being able to afford traditional health insurance.

December 20Deborah Perkins, Wildlife Ecologist & Feminine Cycle Guide – Deborah will share her personal story of the difficult labor she endured during the birth of her daughter and how the condition she suffered from after led her to become an educator on menstrual cycles and how we can women can have wellness & empowerment during every phase.

December 27This show is my Holiday Gift to my listeners!  I will have Jennifer Perkins Klein, a local Tarot Reader & Spiritual Advisor, on the show to do quick Tarot readings for listeners who call in!!  Call 207-780-4909 for your custom reading!!  Happy Holidays!!

January 3 – Shelby Briggs, Coordinator for CASH (Community Approach to Stopping Heroin) – The Westbrook Police Department founded the Community Approach to Stopping Heroin (CASH) coalition. This is a coalition of over 70 individuals and organizations dedicated to stopping the Heroin and drug epidemic gripping our City.


The following is a list of the shows that were previously recorded and can be heard by clicking on the date at the bottom of the page:

November 29 –Dr. Sarah Kotzur, Naturopathic Doctor and Author of The Vitality Prescription – Learn secrets for how to maintain your well-being this holiday season using simple diet and lifestyle habits and other natural medicines. These ideas will make you immune to stress, burnout, and overdoing, and you can carry them forward into the new year!  Dr. Sarah was VERY generous on the show and offered all my listeners a free digital copy of her book and workbook.  Go to The Vitality Prescription, click on BUY NOW and enter coupon code WMPG for your free download!  Thank you Dr. Sarah!!

November 22 – Gigi Guyton, New Ventures Maine – Their non-profit program helps people all over the state venture in new directions by offering tuition-free programs for career, business, and financial education and she is going to share some amazing programs they have right now that will allow the money you save to be matched dollar for dollar.

November 15 – Deborah Perkins, Wildlife Ecologist & owner of First Light Wildlife Habitats – Why it’s important for us to create a richer, more biodiverse landscape and conserve nature right where we are.

November 8 – Bambi Thompson, Brain Coach & Speaker of Anxiety Transformation and Success Acceleration – How to boosting our brains, bodies, and bank accounts with the power of neuroscience, mindset and the human energy body to achieve serious success.

November 1 – Adam Burk, Co-founder of The Treehouse Institute – We will discuss the important work The Treehouse Institute is doing in our community and how that organization spawned from the annual TedXDirigo event held in Portland.

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