Sleeping With The Radio On

On Wed from 4:00 am EST to 6:30 am EST

An ironic mix with a Punk-a-tude base.

Start with the Velvet Underground.

Add some local and world wide bar bands.

Record store finds.  Current Obsessions.  Deep Cuts.

Drawn back to Bowie and Nancy Sinatra.

Ramones.  Sleater-Kinney.

The occasional theme show, quirky and/or well conceived.

E.B. style!

(say hi!)

Start out rocking and raunchy , then mellow it out,

leading you into some Good Morning Vibes for your

Perfect Waking Wednesday!

All you have to do is dream, for this gig goes down while you are

Sleeping with the Radio On!

Wednesday Mornings from 4-630 on WMPG!

Check out some past playlists here

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