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It’s not what we have, it’s what we do that makes life FUN! Explore attitudes, values and strategies for enjoying life, simplified with hosts Bettina Blanchard, Ross Goldberg and their special guests.

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January 18, 2018

Truth be Told

with Elaine Lilley

Elaine Lilley

This week we talk with Elaine Lilley (, from Moon Tide Empowerment.  We explore how Elaine’s skills as an Intuitive, a psychic reader and a coach inform her work.  We will also hear about her special passion for the value of getting to the truth.

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January 11, 2018

Tuning In to Science and Math

with Margaret Dow

Margaret Dow

Join us this week as we welcome Margaret Dow, a sophomore from the Maine School of Math & Science (MSSM, to our Life Simplified Table.

Margaret will share her insights and perspective of what it’s like to go away to school and what inspired her to take such a big leap. We hope you can join us.


January 4, 2018

The Process of Change

with Stephen Joffe, LCSW

Stephen Joffe SoundCloud - 1

Stephen and Ross discuss the process of change and consider a variety of concepts and tools in support of New Years resolutions.

Happy New Year!

December 21, 2017

Fraud Watch Network

with Jane Margesson from AARP Maine

AARP Holiday-scams-296x300Fraud-Watch-Network

Join us for a conversation with Jane Margesson from AARP and The Fraud Watch Network, to hear how to protect yourself from fraud over the holidays – and always!

(From the AARP Website:

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, AARP Maine is reminding consumers that the holidays are rife with fraud and scams.  Considering that many consumers remain unaware of some of these crimes, they may be regularly engaging in behaviors which put them at risk of being victimized by con artists. The AARP Fraud Watch Network, with free resources available to anyone of any age, offers tips and tools that can keep consumers safe from these crimes.

“While most of us focus on family and friends during the holidays, fraudsters are zeroing in on our wallets and bank accounts,” said Jane Margesson, AARP Maine Communications Director.  “We’re encouraging consumers to elevate their awareness of some emerging and popular scams, and to also share the information with their families to help keep them safe this holiday season.”

As it does each year, the AARP Fraud Watch Network (FWN) has launched an education campaign, including a special web page, designed to educate the public about the top five holiday scams:

1  Beware of deals: If you spot a “hot” items at a huge discount, this could signal a problem.  Be wary – especially with unfamiliar websites, links, or posts on social media. Carefully read reviews; search the retailer’s name with ‘scam’; and type in a retailer’s website yourself instead of clicking on links in emails or texts.

2  Shop safely online: Do not use public Wi-Fi to check sensitive financial information, or to make purchases using your credit card. In addition, always use a credit card (not your debit card) when making purchases – you are better protected.

3  Skip the rack: Scammers have all sorts of tricks to grab gift card numbers and codes, and especially love when they are within easy reach on racks at many large retailers. It is best to get your gift cards directly from the store they’re from – and preferably from the store cashier. Ask them to scan the card to ensure it has the correct balance.

4  Avoid the “package delivery” scam: The convenience of online shopping during the holiday season means you may have lots of packages arriving from different retailers. Scammers take advantage of the busy time by sending convincing phishing emails appearing to be from UPSFedEx, and the USPS – click those links and you are led to phony sign-in pages asking for your personal information.

5  Check the charity: Be very cautious of unsolicited phone calls, emails, and texts looking for donations. And before donating to a charity, make sure you know exactly where your money will go – and how much will be going to administrative fees. Verify the organization through and Charity Navigator.

AARP Maine reminds consumers that, thanks to a 2015 law, all Mainers (including minors) can place a freeze on their credit report with all three major credit bureaus for free.  Because a credit freeze safeguards a person’s credit report, it is one of the most effective ways to protect consumers from identity theft.

For information and detailed tips on how to avoid all manner of holiday scams, including those detailed above, visit AARP’s holiday fraud web page.  Consumers may also visit the Fraud Watch Network to receive timely fraud alerts for their local area.


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