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Conversation radio about the nature–human relationship and what positive things people are doing about it in the greater Portland area. Post comments at the bottom of this page or send them and suggestions, praise, or letters of hope about the nature-human relationship to wmpgecotones AT gmail DOT com

12- 27-2018 Amy Geren of Portland Downtown and multi-modal transportation

12-20-2018 Alissa and Allen Armstrong from the Portland Climate Action Team chapter of the Sierra Club

Resources Portland Climate Action Team

12-13-2018 Lisa Pohlmann, CEO of the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM)

As individuals, we can only do so much to directly change our lifestyles. But we don’t live isolated, we live in communities, towns, states, regions, and countries that all need to change as well. So we need smart policies, regulations and laws to ensure that everyone is pointing in the same direction of ecological sustainability. That is why I have Lisa Pohlmann, CEO for the Natural Resources Council of Maine on the show today.


Natural Resources Council of Maine website

12-6-2018 Moving to a plant-based diet with Avery Yale Kamila from the Portland Press Herald

Today I speak with Avery Yale Kamila, Vegan Kitchen columnist for the Portland Press Herald about the current push for moving to a plant-based diet and how we all can help reduce greenhouse gas emission with the food we eat 3 times a day.

Portland Press Herald Vegan Kitchen

11-29-2018 Top Shop Visits

This week I visit The Habitat for Humanity Re-Store out on Warren Ave. I had Gary Mercier, their Procurement Coordinator on the show back in July and figured it would be to give you a sense of what they have there. I’m also visiting Ruth’s Reusable Resources for the first time! I had Ruth on the show in September and have been meaning to get over there, especially with the holiday season upon us.

Ruth’s Reusable Resources

Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore on Warren Ave. in Portland


11-22-2018 High-Impact Actions for Climate Change and Biomimicry

This week I talk about some recent research that indicates we can make a difference in the amount of greenhouse gas emission with our individual actions, but they have to be high-impact actions. Also, with the giving season coming up, make a change in your clothing scene because the fashion industry is a big contributor to pollution and climate change. And lastly, I share TED talk on Biomimicry from Jenine Benyus. She knows just how amazing nature really is.

The Climate Mitigation Gap Article Story –

In Fashion from The Economist –

Janine Benyus – TED Talk –

Biomimicry –


11-15-2018 The Voice of Nature with William Homestead

Today I talk with William Homestead, Associate Professor of Communication Studies at New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire about the Voice of Nature—what it is, where it came from and how to hear it.


William Homestead –

Eco-Psychology Robert Greenway the Wilderness Effect –

Martin Buber – I it and I thou – – SH2b

The Hidden Life of Trees –

What Fish Know –

What Plants Know –

The Emotional Lives of Animals –

Wendall Berry – The Genius of Place

Jenine Benyus – Biomimicry –

11-08-2018 Apologies – NO SHOW this week

11-01-2018 Kay Mann, Outreach Coordinator for Maine Green Power

Today I talk with Kay Mann, Outreach Coordinator for the Maine Green Power Program. The Nature Nugget is an excerpt from an article in POWER magazine on the history of electricity generation.

Maine Green Power

The History of Power

10-25-2018 The Food You Consume Matters

This week I am musing on food and how the food wechoose to buy, grow, make, eat and throw away is really important in our quest to reduce  our greenhouse gas emissions.


Washington Post Article on how much giving up beef helps the planet.
Press Herald Article on Maine Vegans
Maine Public Media story on Vegan and Plant-Based Living
Environmental Letters research article
U of Cambridge story on Changing Global Diets and Reducing Food Waste
EPA web page – Reducing Wasted Food at Home
The Atlantic – Why Americans Lead the World in Food Waste
Feeding America – Fighting Food Waste with Food Rescue
TED Talk– The Power of Plant-Based Eating
NRDC – Save the Food
NRDC – Wasted Report

10-18-2018 Brian Danz of the Portland Gear Hub

This week Brian and I will be talking about bikes, bike commuting, and building skills and community with bikes, the ultimate form of transportation!!

10-11-18 Music to ease a troubled world

This week I touch on some of the toughest environmental challenges we face and try to ease the pain with some soothing music. The Nature Nugget offeres Driving Tips for when you really have to drive…


10-4-18 Heather Craig, Energy Efficiency Coordinator for Americorps and the Maine Partnership for Environmental Stewardship

This week I chat with Heather Craig about helping people become better environmental stewards.

9-27-18 David Homa from Post Carbon Designs

This week I speak with David Homa Permacuture landscape designer/installer. In between Beg-a-thon chat, we talk about the basics of permaculture, what it looks like and how it is helpful for a more ecologically sustainable world. Check out his web site at

9-20-18 Denise Beck from Greater Portland METRO

I’ll be talking with Denise who is the Director of Marketing for METRO about the changes and improvement to our public transportation system here in Portland. For more info see

9-13-18 Ruth Libby from Ruth’s Reusable Resources

I was so excited when I found out about Ruth’s Reusable Resources and I am excited to talk with her and Computer Re-life Program Manager Chris Slader and the great social and environmental work they are doing. The 3Rs is coming up on 25 years of work toward a more sustainable Maine!

Check out

Also the Kids in Need Foundation is


9-6-18 Sustainability at Home

This week I look at the ways we can be more sustainable where we live and how we live. The Nature Nugget this week is on BEES, because without them our current food system could collapse.


Portland Water District – Rain Barrels
Fresh Start Farms from Cultivating Community
Portland METRO system


Bulletin #7153, Understanding Native Bees, the Great Pollinators: Enhancing Their Habitat in Maine

What Is Killing America’s Bees and What Does It Mean for Us?



8-30-18 350 Maine and RISE

I speak with Jill McLaughlin and Thea Youngs of 350 Maine about the RISE event on September 8th and about and the good work they are doing.


8-23-18 Human Powered and Public Transport

This week is mainly about taking the bus. I touch on the history of public transportation in the USA and get into why it doesn’t compare to other similarly developed nations in Europe and Asia. It is a complicated problem, but people need to start using it more and now is as good a time as any to cut your carbon footprint by taking the bus, even once a week.

Articles referenced:

Greater Portland Metro

8-16-18 RECYCLED SHOW 2 Year of the Bird

8-9-18 RECYCLED SHOW 1 USM Sustainability with Aaron Withem

8-2-18 Walking and Cycling on the Earth

This week I expound on the benefits of walking and cycling the landscapes and cityscapes in the greater Portland area. In a time when we need to cut our CO2 emissions, walking and cycling are a great alternative, they also help us slow down and enjoy the places and spaces around us.

7-26-18 Ocean Health

This week I speak with Ivy Frignoca, Casco Baykeeper from Friends of Casco Bay on Ocean Health.

7-19-18 Materials Re-use

This week I speak with Gary Mercier, Procurement Coordinator for the Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore on Warren Ave. in Portland. We’ll be talking about materials re-use and maybe get a tour of the Re-Store!

Some other re-use resources:
Goodwill Industries of Northern New England

Threads of Hope (Catholic Charities’ thrift store)

Furniture Friends

Ruth’s Reusable Resources

7-12-18 Sustainability and Education

This week I talk with Chelsea Malacara, education & outreach coordinator for USM’s Office of Sustainability.

7-5-18 Insects are Amazing: Backyard Entomology with Joe Staples from USM

This week I talk with Joseph Staples at the USM Department of Environmental Science and Policy about insects and how important they are to health ecosystems.


Maine Entomological Society

Cooperative Extension Service (Cumberland County)

Entomological Society of America

Insect Communication

6-28-18 Year of the Bird

This week I’m celebrating the Year of the Bird, because birds are amazing and they need our help. Today’s nature nugget is about plastic and CO2!

NOAA Current Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Level

Ending the Deadly Feather Trade



Year of the Bird


Migratory Bird Treaty Act

This is where you find the bill that changes to this act a being proposed.

Cornell Lab of Orithology

BirdLife Int.

6-21-18 Happy Solstice – Water Show

“If there is magic on the planet, it is contained in Water” Loren Eiseley, The Immense Journey, 1957

Water is indeed magical and the show this week takes a broad view of water first, and then focuses down on the fresh, potable water we get here in Portland.

Check out some water resources:


The USGS Water Use

Water Use Visualization

Portland Water District


6-14-18 Lesley Heiser from Cultivating Community

This week I talk with Lesley Heiser from Cultivating Community and all the wonderful things they are supporting in our local food scene. And I definitely have another nature nugget from the kids at the King Middle School.

6-7-18 Travis Wagner: Waste and Materials Solutions

Travis and I talk about his interest in “sustainable material management through the identification and evaluation of model environmental policy programs with special emphasis on the social dimension and applying extended producer responsibility and product stewardship frameworks to divert, recapture, and recycle waste”

Of course we have another nature nugget from the students at the King Middle School.

5-31-18 Ed Suslovic: Local Environmental Initiatives

Ed is former Mayor and City Councilor of Portland, and currently at the USM Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy. We’ll talk about a bunch of different environmental and sustainable initiatives around Maine and the greater Portland area. And we’ll have another nature nugget from the kids at the King Middle School!

5-24-18 Rosemary Conroy: Art as Envronmental Communication

Show #6 feature Rosemary Conroy, a long-time environmentalist. She’s worked for New York Audubon and the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests. Now she’s an artist—a painter to be more precise, and she essentially paints to protects wildlife. You can see her work at


A Birding Extravaganza: Saturday, May 26, 2018, 8:00 to 9:30 AM, Thorne Head Preserve Bath, ME. Ted Allen from Merrymeeting Audubon will lead birders through the Kennebec Estuary Land Trust’s Thorne Head Preserve in Bath. Overlooking Whiskeag Creek as it converges with the Kennebec River, the preserve is located on the Maine Birding Trail and is rich in migrating warblers and vireos. Participants can meet at 7:30 a.m. at the CVS in Bath to carpool. For more information contact Ted Allen at 207-729-8661

Sustaining Remote Communities. Wednesday, May 30, 2018, 5:30 to 7:30 PM at the Rines Auditorium, Portland Public Library. Featuring Christopher R. Sauer CEO of Ocean Renewable Power Company

5-17-18 USM Climate and Sustainability Commitments

For show # 5, I spoke with Aaron Withem, Assistant Director of Sustainable Programs at the University of Southern Maine about the University Presidents’ Carbon Commitment and all the intiative they are working on at USM. Another nature nugget from student Ella at the King Middle School get’s us thinking about plastic packaging.

5-10-18 Solar Energy à la ReVision Energy

Show #4 featured Fred Greenhalgh, Creative Drevices Director at ReVision Energy, Portland. We talked about the current state of solar energy and why it is a good and hopeful situation. We also talked about how ReVision is a Certified B Corps and what that means. There also was a nature nuggets from Aja at the King Middle School on how reptiles are affected by climate change.

See ReVision Energy‘s web site for good info

5-3-18 Sustainability and the City of Portland Maine

Show #3 featured Troy Moon, Sustainability Director for the City of Portland, Maine. We spoke about the sustainability initiatives the city is currently working on (like LED street lights) and some of the past ones you might be familiar with, like the new big, blue recycling bins. We also talked about how amazing nature is and how important it is for folks to get out there and experience nature more, becuase the more you like something, the more you want to protect it. And we need to protect the earth becuase we rely on it entirely for our survival!

Check out Portland’s Sustainability Office web site. You can see the current initiatives and the tiop 5 things you can and should do to help make and keep Portland sustainable.

A great resource for recycling and all solidwaste solutions in Maine is EcoMaine.

The Recyclopedia is THE resource for how and where to recycle most everything.


4-26-18 Avoiding Waste and Overconsumption

On today’s show Richard exands our knowledge of waste and overconsumption of resources in the US. We hear from local young people at the Terra Matters Earth Day Climate Summit, March & Rally. The Nature Nugget this week is compliments of four girls at King Middle School on their adventure with the Kid Wind Challenge. The rest is about things you can do to help the state of the environment in North America.

Theme music and musical interludes are by yours truly. The other music was Pat Metheny—”Au Lait” and “Are You Going With Me”

The Permaculture Handbook, by Peter Bane

Check out to find someone to share a ride with

Terms this week are: tragedy of the commons, sustainability, and ecological footprint. See for more info on that.

See for more info. on taking action with all types of people

Check out the web site and search for Environmental Protection.

 Calculate your eco-footprint at


4-19-18 The Earth is Amazing

This week’s show orients listeners of what to expect on the show and takes wide view of the planet we live on, how to be hopeful about our situation, and how to make change happen.

The following resources are mentioned:

Deering High School Portland, the Urban Runoff 5K & Green Neighbor Family Fest by the city’s Greener Neighborhoods Cleaner Streams program.

Kennebunk Earth Day festivities. The Planeteers Of Southern Maine (330) 689-6849

South Portland Earth Day Citywide Litter Cleanup on Saturday April 21, 2018 from 8:30 – 11:00 AM. Check in at Mill Creek Park opposite Hannaford. See for more info.

In Portland, the Youth Climate Summit and Rally on Saturday the 21st At Deering Oaks Park and Hannaford Hall from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Organized by Terra Matters. See for more info.

Scarborough Marsh Audubon Center Clean-up at 92 Pine Point Rd.

The CHILDREN’S MUSEUM & THEATRE OF MAINE at 142 FREE STREET is celebrating the day Saturday with earth-friendly activities from 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM. See

The International Environmental Communication Association (IECA)

Rachel Carson Center

About Rachel Carson


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What a great new show! The host is both easy-going and serious and he is clearly committed to addressing the issues that we all face as stewards of our planet. Just maybe, he can help us reduce our giant footprints.


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