On Thu from 8:30 am EST to 10:30 am EST
With: dj dale

Hi, I’m DJ Dale and I’d like to invite you to tune in Thursday mornings on WMPG for Wheeedoggies!.  I’ll be playing all sorts of music I love for you, including old-time country, alt-country and folk, and country-blues as well as a smattering of R&B and soul, blues, gospel, bluegrass, western swing, and maybe even some blues-leaning jazz here & there–whatever I find that strikes my fancy in our vast community radio library.

I’ll also take your requests, and play current mixed-genre cuts from Portland’s local music scene. And usually at about 9:50 I call my dear sweet mama down in the piedmont of the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of central Virginia. We have a nice-long chat about…nothing, and everything.

That’s Wheeedoggies! with DJ Dale, every Thursday morning from 8:30 to 10:30 on WMPG.