WMPG Thank You Gifts for Online Begathon – Groovy and Groovier

WMPG listeners know how it goes: twice a year, we ask you for support for this hyper-local, independent, free speech radio station. The one that belongs to all of us! And you always respond with kindness and generosity, and tell us how this volunteer and student operated radio makes your days better, and is unique on the dial.  

And you may also know how this March our Spring Begathon was pre-empted by a pandemic. Now, we are asking for your support to help us meet our broadcast expenses. Even though we cannot be in the WMPG studios, keeping the station on the air as we have, still costs dough. Listener donations are the largest part of how we meet our operations budget. 

And you know us… we only ask for what we really need, and we need your help right now. But, you also know that we love to make sure you have a little something to remember how grateful we are for you.

We’ve got two special thank you gifts:


WMPG SUMMER SOCKS pictured below. Made in the USA (North Carolina, to be exact) and created especially for us, the socks are all cotton, and depict an enviably colorful collection of vinyl LPs. These are available as a thank you gift at the $100 donation level. Just notate that you would like the socks in your donation comment. 

WBCN: AN AMERICAN REVOLUTION This film tells the story of WBCN, an early FM station that championed the revolutionary music of the day in 1968, and probably helped to pave the path for stations like WMPG to exist! A pass for home online viewing is available to donors at the $50 level.
The film includes fresh first-person accounts from the station’s staff, as well as both newly filmed and archival material featuring leading political, social, cultural and musical figures of the day, including Noam Chomsky, Jane Fonda, David Bowie, Jerry Garcia, Abbie Hoffman, Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen, in his first radio interview, and Patti Smith, performing with her band in her first live radio broadcast.

WMPG is grateful to Lichtenstein Creative Media for making this gift available to our listener supporters!

(If you have already donated and didn’t know about the socks or the film, but would like either…please send an email to development@wmpg.org and let Dale Robin know that your want “socks” or “WBCN” as your thanks.)