WMPG Summer Driveway Record Sale – July 9th

After taking a break on the WMPG Record Sale due to the pandemic, we are doing one this summer! Not the big one scheduled for November 2022 but a smaller, scaled version right at WMPG!

On Saturday, July 9th from 10am to 3pm we are setting up in the WMPG driveway! Crazy huh! Should be fun and with tables full of LPs and CDs just waiting for you! Come find the usual hidden treasures and support WMPG! WMPG is located at 92 Bedford Street in Portland.

In the mean time – if you have any vinyl LPs and CDs around the house we can use them for the sale. Tidy up your house and help WMPG at the same time! To donate LPs, CDs, turntables, amplifiers or speakers  call (207) 780-4424 or e-mail stationmanager@wmpg.org to make arrangements.

This sale is one of our major fundraisers so if you are looking for a way to support WMPG, donate those old LPs and things and make sure to put this date in your calendar right now!