Volunteer Profile: Patrick Kambu Mbenza

At 6:15 each Saturday morning Patrick Kambu Mbenza arrives at the WMPG studios. A recent arrival in the US from the Congo by way of Poland, Patrick hosts a music show from 6:30 to 8am, which he presents in four langauges: English, French, Polish, and his native Lingala. He enjoys being on the air, he says, because it has given him the confidence to talk to people in his new adopted country. Also, he likes to dance while the music is playing. He learned how to host radio on WMPG through a combination of the regular on-air training and sitting in with his friend Eric, host of Zanzibar, Monday afternoons 1:30 to 3pm. He became qualified for air and then jumped on the opporunity to cover the “Womansong” slot while Diana, the host of that show, took the summer off. WMPG Program Director Dave Bunker recently chatted with Patrick about his show and about how he made his way from his native Congo to Portland, Maine.

Click here to listen to the interview.