Voices from the Other Side

Voices from the Other Side is primarily intended, first of all, to be a beacon of hope and a true ‘voice” for our “forgotten” incarcerated communities, of both women and men , within the confines of the Department of Corrections. Certainly our target audience( as well as interviewees) may very well be these same prisoners , who might otherwise ,for the most part, face an almost insurmountable task of ever being heard from, by the outside community, while serving out their sentences.

On the other hand, our “stakeholders” could very well, for example, also include the Commissioner of the DOC, leaders within the “recovery communities,” or perhaps someone advocating on behalf of the Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition.

also, … In gratitude to Michael Geneseo, Graphic Artist, for his conceptual ideas, to final image design we believe best captures our vision and spirit, in his own words…

” I wanted to use elements that gave a feeling of imprisonment while affording some wiggle room in the graphics so that it’s not all prison. The orange I chose is two-fold: first to reference the orange jumpsuits that are so synonymous with jail and second because orange is an active and positive color. ”