Underwriter Profile: Phoenix Glass Studio

630 Forest Avenue
Portland, Maine

Take whatever images your mind conjures up after hearing the phrase “stained glass” and smash’em.

Walking into Phoenix Glass Studio, one proceeds with the utmost delicacy; It’s easy to feel like the bull in the china shop and to be intimidated by the beautiful glass pieces that compose the studio. But surprisingly, you’ll be greeted by Sammy, a bulky and excitable Labrador – A bull in a china shop! You can feel completely at home.

Phoenix glass was established in 1976, and has survived many bulls in the forms of fires and vehicles. Their beautiful art, contemporary and hardy, has survived and is as striking as ever. Once in the Old Port, Phoenix studio is now settled in on 630 Forest Avenue, a lovely little hub with a plethora of windows (some newly discovered) perfect for their eclectic display.

From ecclesiastic, residential, and commercial, Phoenix Studio can cater to anyone’s needs. On their facebook page, a status informs: “Bring us a photo of your house, a pet, vehicle (boat, plane, car, motorcycle) and we can create an heirloom for you!” Jane Croteau, is the owner and operator,. She describes the creative process for the artwork of the studio, and the word that best describes that process is “fluidity”. A piece can begin simply, say, a loon, and turn into a landscape of a lake and silhouette of a camp.

During a recent WMPG visit to Phoenix Studios, Jane led us to the back of their studio to meet Lance, husband and co-owner/operator of Phoenix. He was working on a beautiful stained glass piece of Saint Marguerite d’Youville, foundress of the Order of Sisters of Charity of Montreal. Captivated by the painstaking work, we observed the piece of glass that made up her face, her hands. Each was painted on individually, and Lance was working on putting the pieces together. The piece was to be put in a hospital, indicative of the range of work the studio is able to skillfully do.

Is glass art right up your avenue? The studio offers classes in varying degrees of skill: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Students are taught the copper foil (Tiffany style) method of stained glass construction. Classes are in 7 week sessions on the given night from 6:00 to 8:30 (however, occasionally there are classes offered in the mornings). If you’re interested in taking a class, call 207.774.4154 or sign up by going to: phoenixstudio.com

Phoenix Studio has been a supporter of WMPG for about 20 years. If you happen to rush down Forest Ave daily, take some time to wander through the studio and look at the local artwork, and thank them for their support of local radio!

Open Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm ; Saturday 10am – 4pm.