Spring Begathon March 22 to 28. Lots of great gifts, but most of all…. REALLY COOL RADIO!


Hey Friends! We did it!

With almost 1,000 donations, we’ve made the $50,000 goal! Thanks to every person who donated. Large or small, your gifts are important and appreciated.

Begathon is one of the busiest and fun weeks at WMPG, and we hope that spirit of celebration comes through to listeners! We’ve been busy this week as donors stop in to pick up their thank-you gifts, or to pay off their pledge.

The cool new thank-you gifts for donors have been popular, but the most exciting gifts have been the WMPG socks! The lanterns are unique… and bright!
Plus the tshirts with fabulous art by DJ Shaxx. And winter knit hats, spring ball caps, mugs, messenger bags and more.

But the real gift to you is radio that is made fresh for you every day here at WMPG. Community radio is free speech radio. It’s where the public has real access to the public airwaves.

Thanks for joining the fun of “Hands-On Radio”  with your donation to WMPG!