Spring Begathon April 4 to 10: Celebrating 45 Spins Around the Sun!

Starts Thursday!!

WMPG celebrates 45 years of Community Radio this Begathon, April 4 through 10. Our week-long Begathons are our take on asking for support from the listening community. Rather than viewing fundraising as a chore, we here at WMPG see it as a party for our station! It’s a radio soiree to keep WMPG strong and robust! It’s how we raise the funds to meet our operating budget.

This time around, the goal is $55,000, and we know we can make it! With your donation, listener by listener, we’ll meet that fundraising goal and then we can turn our attention back to just making that fabulous radio that is the soundtrack of your day.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for completing the circle of Community Radio. Thank you for listening and being a part of this fabulous free speech, uber-local, fresh, independent, spirited, volunteer-driven radio station!

Donate right now and help get us off to a great start! Thanks!!!

How to donate: Click the donate button at WMPG.org anytime.   Call 207 874-3000 during Begathon, Thursday April 4 through Wednesday April 10.   Come on over to 92 Bedford Street during Begathon and deliver your donation in person, tour the station, and be a part of the fun!