Spring Begathon Success! 45 Spins Around the Sun and over 55,000 dollars from our listeners!!

We did it! Listeners, volunteers, managers, students!

Spring Begathon was fun, it was a success, and WMPG has the funding we need for another healthy, robust 6 months of free-speech radio.

Your donations, listener by listener, surpassed the fundraising goal and thanks to you, we have refocused our attention back to just making that fabulous radio that is the soundtrack of your day.

Thank you for your support. Thank you for completing the circle of Community Radio. Thank you for listening and being a part of this fabulous free speech, uber-local, fresh, independent, spirited, volunteer-driven radio station!

If we owe you a gift, and you’d like to stop in to pick it up, we’re at 92 Bedford Street, just next to the USM parking garage. Give Dale Robin a shout at 207 780-4151 to be sure someone will be there to help you when you arrive. We’ll give you the station tour, and send you home with some WMPG swag!