WMPG’s Jazz at the Movies presents screening of The Jazz Loft

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WMPG’s Jazz at The Movies is pleased to present the film, The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith on Saturday, Nov 18 at 7:00PM, at the Portland Conservatory of Music. No registration needed, please join us for the free screening, just show up and there will be a seat for you!

The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith ( 2015, documentary, 1 hr 27 minutes) is a revealing, behind the scenes documentary about a rundown, bohemian loft in New York City in the late 1950s & early 60s’, where dozens of musicians like Thelonious Monk, Zoot Sims, Sonny Clarke, Jimmy Giuffre and Chick Corea came night after night, to jam into the wee morning hours.

W. Eugene Smith and the Jazz Loft Project - The New York TimesFor a decade, the famed former Life photographer W. Eugene Smith managed to capture what was happening in this jazz loft just one floor above his, making over 40,000 photos and recording 4,000 hours of audio tapes. His raw, candid photos and tapes are a powerful portrait of the life of the NY jazz musician, and document an earlier era and a time and place now long gone.

The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith is a film that will appeal to not only to the jazz lover, but to history and photography fans as well.