Fare thee well, from Dale Robin Goodman

WMPG Friends,

The time has come for me to say farewell to my Development Director seat at WMPG! I have finally admitted to being old enough to retire!

“Retire?” you ask? We thought you were having so much fun!”

Well I was, and I still am. But other pursuits and cares are calling me.  First some personal, family and home to attend to. Plus artistic interests with music and fabric. Plus adding my voice more strongly into the struggle for our nation and democracy. Plus some writing. And more. I will not be bored.

And yes, I will miss having WMPG as a centerpiece of my life, but I fully expect to remain involved in this remarkable community radio collective, after some time to recalibrate my life and also time to make space of all kinds for a new person to do this job in their own way. I have been here for over 13 1/2 years, and I have made it my own. Now it will be someone else’s turn to be in this lucky spot!

I send my deep gratitude:

to every listener who became a donor;

to every volunteer whose radio show made me stop in my tracks and listen fully;

to every business or organization who entrusted WMPG with an important business message with underwriting;

to everyone who really understands how important independent media, like community radio, is.

Community Radio: It is the last place on the airwaves where we can gather and share thoughts, language, culture, music, knowledge and more… simply person to person. It is the place where we are still welcome to access the broadcast airwaves… the rest of it has been purchased by big business. This little piece belongs to US!

Every day I worked at WMPG, I rejoiced in the power and the voice it gives us. I will continue to cherish this beautiful jewel of hyperlocal, free speech, creativity, and community. I hope that you will, too!

I am easily findable on Facebook and Twitter, and I hope to cross paths fellow WMPG-ers along my way!

With gratitude and fondest regards to the WMPG community,

Dale Robin Goodman