Maureen Topa

Maureen got her start with 'MPG as a listener rep on the Board of Directors several years back. From there she participated in most (if not all) of the radio training sessions she could.

Starting in April of 2015, Maureen was the host of her own public affairs show called Animal Sounds, which explored the human relationship with animals, the environment, and each other. Animal Sounds aired for 1.5 years and was an extension of Maureen's passion for the natural world and her compassion for all living beings.

Maureen is now the host of Local Motives, which is MPG's live music show that airs every Friday night from 7:30-9pm. Portland is home to a wide variety of creative, hard-working, talented artists and musicians and Maureen wants to make sure you know about them.

Maureen's recommendations for 'MPG music shows:
- Sonic Flight, Mondays, 3-5pm
- Radio Junk Drawer, Wednesdays, 3-5pm
- The One True Left, Wednesday nights, 11:30pm-1am
- The Frank Zappa Show, Thursday nights, 10-11:30pm
- Local Motives, Friday evenings, 7:30-9pm
- The Audio File, Sunday evenings, 7-9pm

Her favorite [local] bands:
*Check these artists out because they are AMAZING, not just because they are local!
- EMRLD (my absolute fave)
- Bens Been Dead
- Lena Rich
- Planet Nowhere
- Eastern Screech