Dennis Adams

Dennis is the co-host of Chickens Are People Too, WMPG's Saturday morning children's radio program. The best thing about CRP2 is that it's a show FOR children, BY children, overseen by people who think they ARE Children!

Dennis' involvement with CRP2 began around 2011 when his son Stefan was convinced that he wanted to be on the radio by his second grade teacher, who was the wife of CRP2's host! Dennis became Carmine's unofficial "music director" then became licensed himself in 2012, stepping into the announcer's chair upon Carmine's retirement, them welcoming Teresa in as co-host!

Radio gets into your blood, after five years, he still look forward to Saturday mornings to take to the airwaves!

And, as an aside, Stefan continued with CRP2, then graduated to spend 3+ years on the Tweenlight Zone