The Crypt Keeper

I have always loved music. Ever since I was a kid playing my Atari and listening to my radio full blast. My mom got me a microphone that could broadcast over a unused channel on the radio and I would talk on it and ended up being a dj at a very young age back in the 80's I would play heavy metal through my microphone after I talked. I would play bands like Aerosmith, WASP, Guns n Roses, etc. I had a lot of fun. Even though the microphone only broadcasted about 10 feet from the only radio in the house. I got into Gothic music in the 90's with King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Death SS, and more bands then you can shake a stick at.

I started at WMPG as a sub filling in for other shows. Then I got my own show. I called it The Gothic Rock Radio Show. I would tell scary stories that I wrote. Set to music that was lyrically similar. To carry the story along. Till the next part of my own creepy story.
I have a new show on WMPG called The Crypt. I play the darkest and creepiest metal that I can find and still do some story telling. Listen in as I work the graveyard shift at WMPG.