Buddy Bourgeois

Once upon a time Frank Zappa barely noticed this kid at his show. The kid was lucky enough to watch and hear one of Frank's best guitar solos ever. He was so excited he used to make every one that came to visit him listen to Frank Zappa records at his parent's house. If his parents weren't home he would make the neighbors listen to them.Sometimes there was trouble.
Around this time the kid started to keep his Frank Zappa, unhappily ,to himself. Then one day Frank's band came around again. Frank seemed to gravitate to USM's WMPG reps in order to get the word out that actual voter registration was going be available at his show. These collage radio guys really liked Frank. So they got the station's biggest Frank Zappa fan to ask the biggest Frank Zappa fan if he wanted to do a Frank Zappa radio show. Frank not getting enough air play and all. This Frank Zappa fan said that he would love to do a Frank Zappa radio show. Frank being a naturally hard working envelope pushing prolific artist with hands on knowledge and consistent ground breaking creativity in all aspects of his work. Yes !Yes !Yes! "But as much as I'd LOVE to do a Frank Zappa radio show" he said " It should not be me because there is someone else I know that HAS to do a Frank Zappa radio show."
So he called the kid. The kid was so excited that he had the opportunity to share Frank Zappa with only those who want it that he's STILL doing it with the same excitement.Even after all the time since Frank had to leave us. But boy ( and girl) did he leave us a lot! Even more to share of Frank's many lifetimes of compositions Not only that, someone's got to try to keep the story right. Right? And so getting to share all this Frank Zappa has helped keep the kid ,Buddy B. ,a kid.
Buddy has three dogs: Fido ,Rusty and Apostrophe