18th Bluegrass Spectacular Returns

After a three year hiatus, the WMPG fundraiser – Bluegrass Spectacular is back!
April 13th, 2022

This year’s line up include:

Pejepscot Station, Breakin’ Strings, and The World Famous Grassholes.

Pejepscot Station

Pejepscot Station is a Maine band based in the Village of Pejepscot in Topsham, Maine. They have been playing music and performing as a band since 2011. Their love of bluegrass, Americana, folk and country songs reflects the range of interests of the five members of the band. Pejepscot Station’s sound encompasses a diverse mix of broad harmonies, lively Bluegrass instrumentals, and compelling tunes.
Currently working in the studio to record their second album, their relaxed stage presence inspires the audience to share the obvious fun they are having on stage. As comfortable feeling as a favorite pair of old shoes, Pejepscot Station will get your toes tapping, get you laughing, and plant a song or two in your head for the trip home. So, pull up a chair, relax and have a good time.


Breakin’ Strings

After a 10 year hiatus … Breakin’ Strings returned in 2022 and didn’t waste any time! As soon as they rejoined they started writing new material and headed south to Nashville from Maine to record at the legendary Blackbird Studio. The result, “Hangovers & Heartaches,” is a collection of 12 tunes sure to recall the greats of the high and lonesome and recently reviewed in Bluegrass Unlimited.

Fronted by Cliff Gelina, who’s been playing bluegrass with his family’s band since he was 8 years old, Breakin’ Strings continue a great tradition of Maine bluegrass.




World Famous Grassholes

After two decades, the World Famous Grassholes are among the most storied bluegrass bands in Maine’s well-stocked country-music history, with dozens of collaborators who have made their way through the band and four well-received albums. For the past decade, however, the current five-piece lineup of Heather Kahill (fiddle), Merrill Marsh (guitar), Flann O’Brien (bass), Sam Pfeifle (guitar), and Field Rider (“deadly” banjo, according to one Dublin nightclub owner) have taken the band to new heights, with four-part harmonies in the traditional style infused with contemporary songwriting that draws from pop to indie rock to punk and the blues.

Their latest album, “Gently Used,” produced with Jonathan Wyman and Chris “C$” Burns, takes you on a journey from a burning Monroe-style picker in “Walk Right Out” to an Eagles crooner in “Colorado” to the strutting blues of the Mickey Newbury classic “Why You Been Gone So Long.”

You might find something better to listen to while the sun sets on a warm summer afternoon, but you’ll have to look hard.



Tickets are being handled by One Longfellow Square