Whatever Forever

On Fri from 11:00 pm EST to 1:00 am EST
With: Josh


Drawing a lot of inspiration from MTV’s 120 Minutes as well as 80s and 90s college & alternative radio, each week we’ll dive into the stacks at WMPG to find known, unknown, or forgotten bands;  listen to one full side of an album without interruption for the Half-a-Wax portion of the show at midnight; and try to fulfill whatever requests you have.

At least 90% of the time, my preparation for the show consists of going into the basement an hour before air time and grabbing whatever catches my eye from the early 90s section of CDs or rifling through the rock LPs. I see it as an opportunity to check out bands I’ve never heard of or bands I know only by name as well as spinning some of my favorite bands.

This approach doesn’t always work out and we get something I’m less than excited about, but that’s not to say someone else won’t enjoy it. And really, it keeps music interesting.

Some bands I’ve fallen for by doing this:

  • Hard-Ons
  • The Monkeywrench
  • The Feelies
  • Green Apple Quick Step
  • Ned’s Atomic Dustbin
  • Skin Yard
  • The Visigoths

And I always look forward to putting on something I’ve never heard before. Even just giving a good listen to bands I’ve known about but never spent time on can make me kick myself.

Tweet requests at me throughout the week for Friday’s show!