Ba Yin Box | 八音盒 – Chinese Music Show

On Mon from 10:30 am EST to 12:00 pm EST
With: DJ Connie

Ba Yin Box, 八音盒, plays a wide variety of Chinese music, 中國音樂 — from ancient to contemporary, traditional to modern, folk to rock, featuring artists from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas.

Ba Yin Box is a Chinese word for music box. “Ba Yin” means eight sounds. Ancient Chinese classified musical instruments in eight categories: silk, bamboo, wood, stone, metal, clay, gourd and skin/leather, so “Ba Yin” symbolizes all the musical sounds in the world.

DJ Connie will also have guests on the show regularly to discuss China-related topics, such as Chinese culture, language, arts, food, and current affairs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email czh012[at] or call (207) 780-4909 during the show. 谢谢收听!謝謝收聽!

Recent Shows (You may email me for a complete list of shows starting from 6/20/16):

May 22 – Introducing two ground breaking Tibetan-theme albums by composer He Xuntian and singer Zhu Zheqin/Dadawa, Sister Drum 阿姐鼓 (1995) and Voices from the Sky 央金瑪 (1997)

May 15 – Xinjiang Music. 新疆歌舞。

May 8 – In memory of Teresa Teng / Deng Lijun’s death (May 8, 1995). 鄧麗君紀念專輯。

May 1 – Rise Up May Day Special: Music composed/performed by Chinese artists in the United States, including Wen-chung Chou, Tan Dun, Ying Huang, Lang Lang, Cho-liang Lin, Haiqiong Deng, the Shanghai Quartet, Yo-yo Ma and Silk Road Ensemble. (Playlist on Spinitron)

April 23 – Spring Breeze, Spring Water – Spring themed music. 春之声专辑-春风、春水 (姚莉、白虹、葛蘭、鳳飛飛、鄧麗君、黃鶯鶯、方大同、奶猴子、安妮朵拉樂團、傳奇樂坊、奚文、王键、李小刚、花小荣等)(Playlist on Spinitron)