Ba Yin Box | 八音盒 – Chinese Music Show

On Mon from 10:30 am EST to 12:00 pm EST
With: DJ Connie

Ba Yin Box, 八音盒, plays a wide variety of Chinese music, 中國音樂 — from ancient to contemporary, traditional to modern, folk to rock, featuring artists from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and overseas.

Ba Yin Box is a Chinese word for music box. “Ba Yin” means eight sounds. Ancient Chinese classified musical instruments in eight categories: silk, bamboo, wood, stone, metal, clay, gourd and skin/leather, so “Ba Yin” symbolizes all the musical sounds in the world.

DJ Connie will also have guests on the show regularly to discuss China-related topics, such as Chinese culture, language, arts, food, and current affairs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please email czh012[at] or call (207) 780-4909 during the show. 谢谢收听!謝謝收聽!

Recent Shows (You may email me for a complete list of shows starting from 6/20/16):

April 17 – Children’s music from Red China and more. Special guests: Andrés Vera Martinez and Na Liu (刘娜), illustrator/author of Little White Duck, a graphic memoir of growing up in China in the 1970s.

April 10 – April: from Snow to Spring. A variety of music from traditional to contemporary, vocal and instrumental.  四月雪 - 早春音乐专辑 (赵良山、刘德海、付丹、傳奇樂坊、岳璇、赵丹、周璇、白虹、吴莺音、潘秀瓊、鄧麗君、徐小鳳、齊豫、包美聖、王菲、周迅、哈琳、王力宏)。

April 3 – Music for Qingming Festival 清明節, the time for looking back and looking forward, paying respect to the ancestors and finding hope and joy in the new spring. (Playlist on Spinitron)

March 27 – Introducing three young female musicians: Joanna Wang 王若琳, a singer-songwriter from Taipei; Yuja Wang 王羽佳, a piano prodigy from Beijing; G.E.M. 鄧紫棋, a pop phenom from Hong Kong. (Playlist on Spinitron)Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 2.20.26 PM

March 20 – BEGATHON special. Vocal and instrumental variations of three timeless folk songs: 望春風 Longing for the Spring Breeze,在那遙遠的地方 In That Faraway Place,康定情歌 Kangding Love Song. (Playlist on Spinitron)

March 13 – Music by Wu Na 巫娜, Wang Xinxin 王心心 and Bun-Ching Lam 林品晶, artists featured in a new book on Chinese women artists Creating Across Cultures. Special guest: Clare Morin, contributing author to the book.