Producers' Showcase

There are so many different ways creativity can be expressed in audio form. Producers' Showcase, which ran for several years on WMPG, was devoted to produced audio, that is, audio which has been cut, selected, re-arranged, and/or otherwise manipulated in studio, rather than created live on air. If live radio is improv, produced work is scripted theater. Writing matters more. The work of USM students and WMPG volunteers was featured, along with production work by other talented producers around Maine, both new and pulled from the archives. It included news reporting, feature pieces, sound portraits, radio drama, comedy bits, promos and ID's, music reviews, and more. It was hosted by WMPG Program Director Lisa Bunker.

The sources, producers, and titles of featured pieces for each week are listed below. Click on a date to stream the show!


(Encore presentation) Documentary, Jessica Lockhart, Michael Hilliard, and Claire Holman: Remembering Mother Warren


SALT Spring '13 student features:

Shara Morris: Mary's Story
Emily Forman: The Island
Emily Kwong: Parts of Speech


SALT Spring '13 student features:

Erica Lantz: The Hang Family
Peter Frick-Wright: Bill Rowell's Recovery
Samara Breger: A Life on Parole
Shara Morris: Lumberjill


No show this week.


Production work from Spring 2013 USM class Media Studies 320:

Emily Holtgrefe, vox pop: Fantasy Car
Casey Ledeux, vox pop: Smoking Ban
Josh Barnies, vox pop: Celtics
Andrea Nilosek, news feature: 48 Hour Film Project
Katrina Whittier, news feature: Texting and Driving

Blunt Youth Radio:

Emily Lafond and Mary Bruen, news feature: Branding


Begathon edition:

Legal ID's by Heather Powers, Carey Carrow, Dan Malcolm, and Ethan Chantarelle
Stephen Colby and Dustin Edwards: Husky Tunes Promo
Lars Lindgren: Gallery Talk
Jonathan Woodward: 40th Anniversary/Birthday commentary
Current promos: Zippy Sesto, Jonathan Woodward
David Pence: Radio Junk Drawer promo
Instant Comedy: Begathon pitches


News features from Spring 2013 USM class Media Studies 320:

Brad Moore: USM Track Star
Brooks Jones: USM Smoking Policy
Justine Denny: Helping Tsunami Victims
Kelly McDevitt: Nuclear Radiation
Kyle Gervais: Bariatric Surgery
Nathan Hines: Medical Records Online


WMPG work-study student Stephen Colby joins Lisa to introduce a condensed version of a high-school audio project, PhD Radio, which he made with his friend Dakota Wing.


A selection of vox pops from the Spring 2013 USM class Media Studies 320, produced by Brittany Spear, Dylan Orr, Jarryd Boyd, Jamie Finison, Jeremy Stone, Eric Curtis, and Dennis Gilbert. *bonus item, at the start of the show: WMPG and USM student reporter Iris SanGiovanni reports live from HuskyFest.*

8/28/2013 Conversation with Adam Ayan of Gateway Mastering, and instructor at USM - audio lost. :-(


A selection of vox pops from the Spring 2011 USM class Media Studies 320, produced by Katrina Whittier, Steven Lee, Brookes Jones, Nathan Hines, Cody Randall, Andrea Milosek, Jeremy Parmli, Drew Doyle, and Justine Denny

08/14/2013 Podcast #3: Alex Steed in conversation with photographer Tanja Hollander


SALT Spring '13 student features:

Catherine Louli: Escape from Tehran
Emily Forman: The Furry Ambers
Emily Kwong: Old Sturbridge Village


Tom Faux and Rob Rosenthal, Your Neighbor's Radio: Bernard Tchomangoley, West African Singer


Maine-based internet audio:

The Dr. Lisa Radio Hour and Podcast, excerpt: interview with Oscar Mokeme and Lila Hunt of the Museum of African Culture
Gary Crocker, Maine humorist: Discount Snow Removal


SALT Spring '13 student features:

Alice Quinlan: East to West
Mary Wesley: 10,000 Tries
Jake Ryan: The State of Faith
Megan Detrie: Shake the Dust


Mark Time impromptu radio dramas recorded by Fred Greenhalgh et al at ComicCON:

A Drink Before Dark
The Bloody Mess
To Boldly Go


C.W. Lakeman, "Oddcast" #28, part 2
Three recent WERU Podcasts:
Sarah O'Malley, The World Around Us: A Robin's Life Work
Jim Bahoosh, Sustainable House Sketchbook: Concrete
Jim Campbell, Hear Again: A Picture of Health


C.W. Lakeman, "Oddcast" #28, part 1


Colin Chase and Pam Chodosh: Oxford Hills Students Speak
Johnathan Woodward: You Neeed a Cool Name to Work in Public Radio
SALT student feature: Manda Lillie, Finding Treatment
SALT student feature: Sophia Saldanha, The Captain
A selection of current promos:
Lorenzo Raffa, record sale donations
Jodie Lapchick and Alex Steed, Local Solutions
Zack Barowitz: This Land Is

5/28 and 6/4/13: no shows


C.W. Lakeman, "Oddcast" #25


SALT Fall '12 student features:

Elise Peppel: Ordinary Citizen
Shannon Geis: Old 'N Dirty
Katie Ricciardi: A Mothers' Solution
Julia Lowry: Missing Kim


Maine Humanities Council podcasts:
Voices of Light 10/16/2012
Chris Bohjalian 2/26/2009

Current promos:
Keita Whitten, Mama Afrika
Dave Van Steemburg, Jukebox Déją vu
Katz Bahlkow, Rod Picot live on Kitchen Party


Ron Raymond: TMBG's John Flansburgh on Cover Songs

SALT Fall '12 student features:
Chris Gauthier: Living in Limbo
Jessica Miller: Moorings and Traps
Kelsey Padgett: Moving Beyond

Lisa Bunker: Oxford Favorite Kids' TV


USM Audio Production II class pieces:
Casey LeDeux: Bike Swap
James Finnison: Players' Ball
Jeremy Stone: Sydney's New Wheels
Emily Holtgrefe: Technology in Classrooms

Jessica Lockhart (class instructor): Not Too Late Basketball Camp


Your Neighbor's Radio: Improvisational drummer Nikolai Yudanov


Begathon edition:
Crys Scholl: Begathon audio essay
Various: vintage Begathon promos
Michele Arcand: Local Motives poetry performance with improvised music


SALT Fall '12 student features:
Barton Girdwood, What it Means for Them to Hate Me
Jessica Miller, Silent Seekers
Kelsey Padgett, Bruised
Shannon Geis, Moving Closer


A selection of Maine-based podcasts:
Transwaves, from the Trans Youth Equality Foundation: Episode 3, How to Relate
Room 208, from Wells Elementary School: The Flood of 2006 (excerpt) Paranoid Social Club Travelogue, Vol. 2, Episodes 3 and 4, "Haunted Hotel" and "Ghost Hunting"


SALT Fall '12 student features:
Sophia Saldanha, From This Point On
Manda Lillie, Strategy Not Strength
Katie Ricciardi, 356 Years Later
Chris Gauthier, Raising Lily


(10-minute show) Gabe Grabin, SALT Radio feature: 15 Minutes of Shame


Your Neighbor's Radio: Augusto Salazar - Bolivian Pan Pipes


Rachel Stearns and Ross Gauvin, news report: The Center for Bio-ethical reform's Genocide Awareness Project comes to the USM Portland campus
Carrie Losneck, audio postcard: Post Storm Symphony
Elise Peppel, SALT Radio feature: Congress


Your Neighbor's Radio: Carl Chase, Caribbean Steel Drummer


Trans Youth Equality Foundation podcast, TransWaves, Episode 1: Stealth in School
Lorenzo Raffa: 2012 in Verse
Mike Halmo: Blues Highway promo


Hour-long edition:
Justine Denny and Lee-Anne Leverone: This Maine Life
Lorenzo Raffa: Conversation with John Marshall
Madeleine Bunker and Crow Dusk: 3am goofy gobbling bad dubstep remix


SALT Spring '12 student features:
Damien Biniek, A Soldier's Story on Film
Masumi Hayashi-Smith: The Gift of Music
Colleen Storey Vasu: Changing on the Inside - End of Life Care at the Maine
State Prison


Dawn Smith: Cinema Hits and Misses review "Chasing Mavericks"
SALT Spring '12 student feature: Robert Hughes Smith, "When All Else Fails"
SALT Spring '12 student feature: Ryan Noyes, "Forsaking Youth"
Sam Bullock: CD Review, "Tiger High"


An hour-long program, starting at 1p, featuring a rebroadcast of a program from our sister community station in Maine, WERU, originally aired on 11/20/12. The program is "Wabanaki Windows," a monthly public affairs program about Native issues, produced by Donna Loring. The topic was Holidays and Native American Stereotypes, and the guests were Dr. Rebecca Sockbasin, Dr. Alex Wilson, Jamie Bisonnette, and Dr. Darren Ranco.


Your Neighbor's Radio: Oud player Al Bardezbanian Gardner


Meaghan LaSala: A Peoples' Almanac for the week of 11/12/12
Lorenzo Raffa: Commentary - My Election Night 12012
Jen Hodsdon: Feature - Homeless Poetry
General Store Variety Show: Roy Recounts Broken Bridge
Sam Bullock: Review - Why


Election day special - all new local WMPG production

Carrie Losneck: The Street 2012 - interviews with homeless men about the election
Lorenzo Raffa: WMPG call-in poll: changing the election process - parts 1 and 2
Lorenzo Raffa: Commentary - Dialtone
Lorenzo Raffa: WMPG call-in poll: changing the election process - parts 3 and 4
Michael Townsend: Only in America 2012 - an election audio mashup


No program


SALT Spring 2012 audio features:

Colleen Storey Vasu: A Family Sentence
Nadia Wilson: Whatever It Takes

WMPG music review: Sam Bullock reviews a newly released CD by Pinback


Your Neighbor's Radio: trombonist Eric Anderson
Business as Usual (commercial parody): Nuvolung


Selections from The General Store Variety Show - Annie Stillwater Gray and Andy Wendell

Good Wood - Henry & Ray
Good Wood - Annie's Story about the Trouble Tree

WMPG Interview: Isaac Shainblum interviews Rear Admiral Bill Leigher


Begathon edition

SALT Spring 2012 audio features:

Masumi Hayashi-Smith: Happy With Nothing - A New Version of Success
Ryan Noyes: Letting Go
Laura Candler: Under the Ice at Sabattus


Diesel Sam CD Review: Light Asylum (self-titled CD)

Blunt Youth Radio sampler, 2004:

Long Creek Youth Development Center: Freedom - Tyler
LCYDC: My Criminal Life - Mark
LCYDC: The Sentence - Nick
LCYDC: Alcoholism - Zack
LCYDC: Voting Behind Bars - Branden
If I Were Campaigning for President - Masood Hagiali


Selections from The General Store Variety Show – Annie Stillwater Gray and Andy Wendell

Annie interviews artist Wally Warren
Annie interviews Annie Oakley (played by Sandra Phipps-Kaye)
"Passion": Annie interviews Venus & Mars (Sally Baker and Paul LeBrun)
"Sleepless": Annie interviews the Sandman (Tom-O)
"Ray's Great Pumpkin Border War Story" Ray played by Roy Slamm


SALT Spring 2012 Audio features:

Damian Biniek: Finding Herself at Occupy
Robert Hughes Smith: The Punk Patriot Goes to Augusta
Laura Candler: It Takes an Island
Nadia Wilson: We've Always Been Here – Fishing Rights and the Passamaquoddy Tribe


WERU Podcasts

Awanadjo Almanac: "Civilization" - Producer/host, Rob McCall; Engineer, Dennis Howard
Esoterica: "Shut Up and Heal" - Christine Kenna
Mindful Parenting: Quiet Before Meals" - Nancy Hathaway
Notes from the Electronic Cottage: "Dog Days of August" - Jim Campbell
The World Around Us: "Phase Changes" - Sarah O'Malley


Meaghan LaSala: A People's Almanac for the week starting 8/27
Jessie Wright-Mendoza, SALT - Earplay: New Adventures in Sonic Storytelling
Instant Comedy: Program Already in Progress, WMPG's 30th Anniversary edition (excerpts)


Tom Faux and Rob Rosenthal: Your Neighbor's Radio - Dmitri Gribizis, Greek Violin


Meaghan LaSala: A People's Almanac for second week of August

Recent SALT features:
Frances Harlow - Governing the Occupation: dispatches from Occupy Maine's consensus process
Mujahid Suliman - Ink and M16s
Emma Weatherill - The Jumping Frenchmen of Maine


Meaghan LaSala: A People's Almanac for August 1 - 7

USM CMS 320 student projects:
Ryan Kenney, news report: Technology at USM
Michael Christman, profile piece: Poet
Daniel Thoman, profile piece: Surfer

Dianne Ballon: New England Antique Radio Swap Meet

6/26/12 to 7/31/12 - no show


RadioActive: host/producer Meredith DeFrancesco examines the Maine legislature's most recent cuts to the Department of Health and Human Services programs, including General Assistance and the Child Care Subsidy Program. Originally aired on our sister community station WERU on June 7th, 2012.


Lorenzo Raffa: Sprouts Touring Film Festival interview

USM CMS 320 student news reports:

Brian Harris: Nitrogen Pollution
Daniel Thomas: Concussion in Athletics
Thomas Minton: Volunteers in the Police
P.D. Whappler: Student Internships
Charlie Alpert: De-funding MaineCare


Blunt Youth Radio: the Telling Room's Big Night
Justine Denny: Dreaming of Istanbul in Maine


Recent SALT features:

Katrina Roi - Just a Sample: questions surface about brain harvesting in Maine
Lindsey Thomas - The Buck Stops Here
Emily Chin - The No Principal Principle: at the Reiche school, you'll never be sent to the principal's office
Molly Bennett - Midwiving Death: Mainers take matters of death into their own hands (2 parts)


Recent SALT features:

Katrina Roi - Breathe Easier: A new outlook for cystic fibrosis
Mujahid Suliman - Dam Neighbors
Lindsey Thomas - Free the Food Trucks
Jessie Wright-Menodoza - Legacy of an Unknown Artist
Jordan Fletcher - A Bit of Downtime: Woodcarving at Maine State Prison


WERU News Report 5/9/12: Host Amy Browne in conversation with John Christie and Naomi Schalit of the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting.

Segment 1: "University System a haven for former top state staffers"
Segment 2: "Official's use of US and GOP funds to buy a camper was kept under wraps"


USM CMS 320 audio profiles

Cole Whitney: Piano Tuner
Mitchell Kell: Burlesque
Mackenzie Gregory: Bellydance
Brian Harris: Theater Set Builder
Thomas Minton: Airport Communications
P.D. Whappler: Beer Brewer


Recent SALT features:
Molly Bennett - Say Yes to Unicycle: The Extraordinary Education of a Maine Family
Emily Chin - Mill Town 2.0: What's Next for Millinocket, Maine
Ashley Cleek - Welcome to the Star Party
Frances Harlow - Capes and Corsets


Jeff Wax, Bill Audette and Michael Townsend: Desert Island Disks #4. Jeff's guest is comedian Karen Morgan.


Rachel Stearns and Ross Gauvin, news report: The Center for Bio-ethical reform's Genocide Awareness Project comes to the USM Portland campus
Lorenzo Raffa interview with Chris Brown from Bull Moose about Record Store Day


Live conversation with SALT Radio Documentary instructor Michael May. We listened to and discussed two of his pieces:

The Case of Tarek Mehanna


Recent SALT features:
Jordan Fletcher - Never Seen So Much Trouble: A Stranger Comes to Biddeford
Emma Weatherill - Nuns on Trial: A Vatican Investigaion into American Nuns


Jeff Wax and Michael Townsend: Desert Island Disks #3, with guest Ben Weinstein, volunteer host of "Hip Hop is Alive" Monday afternoons 3 -5 pm on WMPG.


Begathon Edition: current show promos (various producers)


Meredith DeFrancesco, WERU: RadioActive - Maine House Approves bill removing unionizing rights for egg farm workers


Jeff Wax and Michael Townsend: Desert Island Disks, with volunteer guest of the week Bill Audette.<


A conversation with sound artist and independent radio producer Dianne Ballon. We listened to and discussed several of her pieces:

Overture in Voice for the Warblers in Maine
The Difficulties of Field Recording
Grilling: It's a Guy Thing
Short Cuts
Short Wave Greetings


Tom Faux and Rob Rosenthal: Your Neighbor's Radio - Tom Rota - Irish Illun Bagpipes


Jeff Wax and Michael Townsend: Desert Island Disks, with volunteer guest of the week Joe Duley.


No show - pre-empted by Mardi Gras


Documentary, Jessica Lockhart, Michael Hilliard, and Claire Holman: Remembering Mother Warren


Michael Townsend: 25 Years of Slack
Dan Bernard: Power Up! listener call feature
Podcast, The Big Spoon: Jeffrey Knox, the Future of Newspapers
New promos for the week: Steve Cain, Dan Bernard


Feature, Jessica Lockhart: Gershwin Girls
Feature, Caroline Losneck: Sign Graveyard
Feature, Jessica Lockhart: Miss Dumpy
Feature, Jessica Lockhart: Wyeth's Christina's World
SALT feature: Sarah Delia, Mark Our Vessel


SALT feature: Lucas Willard, Twister and Son
New promos for the week, produced by Dan Malcolm & Steven Lee, John Dennison, and Lorenzo Raffa
Podcast, The Big Spoon (USM production class work): Cole Whitney, Maine Disk Golf


Commentary: Lorenzo Raffa, 2011 in Verse
Promos: Various 'MPG producers, current show promos


Tom Faux and Rob Rosenthal, Your Neighbor's Radio: Nancy 3 Hoffman - Klezmer Accordion - Casco Bay Tummlers


SALT feature: Andrea Muraskin, A Drum is Always With Me
SALT feature: Carolyn Barnwell, Maine's Survivor Bob
WMPG feature: Lisa Bunker and Chelsea Foss, Power Up call collage
WMPG commentary: Lorenzo Raffa, Remembering Ambrose


SALT feature: Anna Pinkert: Revelations in the Mud Flats
WMPG feature: Robert and Iris San Giovanni, Occupy Vox Pop
SALT feature: Carolyn Barnwell, Sing and I Will Hear You
SALT feature: Leila Day, The Nest


WMPG Commentary: Lorenzo Raffa, "So Proud"
SALT feature: Andrea Muraskin, "Transport: A Canine Journey"
SALT feature: Doug Anderson, "Stan the Evangelist"
SALT feature: Sara B. Curtis, "Only for my King"


Tom Faux and Rob Rosenthal, Your Neighbor's Radio: Jordan Benissan, West African Drums


Maia Chong, news feature: Occupy San Francisco march, 11/12/11
Kerry Seed, feature: The Way It Looks From Here
Josh Gleason, SALT feature: The Junk King
David Barber-Callaghan, Blunt feature: Ricky, the Banjo, and Me


Lorenzo Raffa: "41 hours"
Zippy interviews Barry Cowsill (from 2004)
Lorenzo Raffa: "Workin' at the Gap"


Projects from Blunt Youth Radio:
Shinji Ishikawa, "When Former Enemies Sit Down And Talk About World War II"
Theo Lichter, "Alone and Left Out at Valentine's Time
Libby Donovan, "The Rise of the Staycation"
Various producers, "Messages from Japan" (five short pieces)


Four SALT features:
Sharon Mashihi, "Versions of Love"
Ali Kuzmickas, "Test it, Break it, Fix it"
Jen Telischek, "The Pack Leader"
Jack Rodolico, "Growing with Oysters"


Non-narrated profile features by students in USM Radio production class 330, Spring 2011 (taught by Jessica Lockhart):

Producer: Andrea Nilosek Subject: singer/songwriter Billy Libby
Producer: Kyle Gervaise Subject: WCYY jock Mark Curdo
Producer: Nathan Hynes Subject: pool champion Leroy Bedard
Producer: Justine Denny Subject: Local Sprouts owner Heather Blersch
Producer: Corey Randall Subject: sound engineer Mike Davis
Producer: Katrina Whittier Subject: my friend Brooke


Begathon edition:

Claire Holman (reporter) and Steven Lee (producer): "Occupy Maine" participants in Monument Square, 10/3/11
Steve "Zippy" Sesto: 3 Decent Docent segments (encore broadcast)
Blunt Youth Radio: Iris San Giovanni, "Homelessness: It Could Happen to Anyone, Even my Dad" (encore broadcast)


SALT: Rachel James, "The Pigeon Race"
SALT: Joe Rosenberg, "Everywhere But Here"
SALT: Rachel James, "Bury Me Deep"


A wide-ranging conversation with Michael Townsend, longtime WMPG producer. We played and analysed old audio-comedy bits which he names as influences, and paired them with contemporary work he has done in a similar vein. Topics of discussion included radio drama, comedy, production techniques, and leader tape.


Lorenzo Raffa, double commentary: Jambanded Out, Remembering Bill
SALT: Jack Rodolico, "Cougar"
SALT: Matthew Kielty, "The Length and Breadth of a Troublesome Word in Maine"
SALT: Peter Domingos, "Poz Rayz"


The locally produced 45-minute radio drama "The Cleansed," followed by live conversation with its host, Fred Greenhalgh, who also presents the program "Radio Drama Revival" on WMPG, Thursday afternoons from 1 to 1:30p. Only the live conversation part of the program is archived here; the audio of the drama and more information about Fred's various audio productions can be found at


A re-airing of Malaga Island: A Story Best Left Untold, an hour-long documentary by Rob Rosenthal which originally aired on WMPG in February of 2009. In 1912, a mixed-race community of about forty-five people was evicted by the state of Maine from Malaga Island, just off the coast of Phippsburg. Eight islanders were committed to the Maine School for the Feeble-Minded. The remaining islanders faired as best they could after moving to the mainland. For generations, descendents have feared to speak about what happened to their families because of the local stigma of mixed-blood and feeble-mindedness. This documentary was produced in collaboration with WMPG-FM and the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine. More information here.

8/9/11 and 8/16/11

STARSTRUCK! 2 and half hours total, aired over two weeks. The basis for the critically acclaimed comic book series, Starstruck was first presented off-off-B'way in 1980, and again off-Broadway in 1983. In a far-flung and very alternative future, Captain Galatia 9 and the crew of the Harpy are on a mission for the United Federation of Female Freedom Fighters. When the harpy runs into a living ship inhabited by a team of galactic evil-doers, including Galatia's insidious sister Verloona Ti, the outcome of the battle may well decide the fate of the free universe. This audio comics version features the vocal talents of many Maine actors. Recorded in Portland; adapted for audio by Elaine Lee; direction and sound design by William Dufris. More information here.


A re-airing of an hour-long reading of the book "Waddie Welcome & The Beloved Community," read by dozens of local volunteer readers, which first aired on WMPG on MLK Day 1/17/2011. The true story of Waddie Welcome was read worldwide by groups large and small on MLK Day. Mr. Welcome was born in 1914 in Savannah GA with cerebral palsy. The book is the story of how a community took him in and gave him the home and dignity he deserved. While unable to speak or walk, Mr. Welcome became an advocate for people with disabilities. Conceived and produced by WMPG's volunteer producer extraordinaire, Lorenzo Raffa.


Rob Rosenthal, Story Bank Maine Feature: Something Attempted, Something Done
Rob Rosenthal, Story Bank Maine Feature: Eeling
Clay Bolton, SALT feature: Kwan
Matthew Kielty, SALT feature: Baumgartner's Got Nothing on Charette


Jen Telischak, SALT feature: It's an accomplishment
Peter Domingos, SALT feature: Not a Foamer
Sharon Mashihi, SALT feature: Lucas' Mama
Rob Rosenthal, Story Bank Maine Feature: Not Just for Pretty


Alyce Ornella, news report: South Sudan Independence Celebration in Portland
Lorenzo Raffa, sound feature: The NATEVA Files
Rob Rosenthal, Story Bank Maine Feature: Christmas in Lewiston
Joe Rosenberg, SALT feature: Never Ending Chase
Ali Kuzmickas, SALT feature: Stone Carver


Live interview with WMPG host and sound art producer/performer Skot Spear, host of Rssd Uul Maang, Tuesday 11:30p – Wednesday 1:30a. We played three untitled samples of his radio work and talked about gathering sound in the field, pre-production, the various approaches other 'MPGers have taken to sound art over the years, and the local sound art scene, voice, and silence, among other topics.

06/28/2011 - No show


Live interview with WMPG volunteer producer Carrie Losneck. Audio played included three pieces she produced at the Sounds Elemental intensive, an AIR (Assoc. for Independents in Radio) partnership with Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center in New York City. AIR periodically has these week-long trainings that are designed to provide 10 media producers with a unique opportunity to explore unconventional approaches to assembling sound and telling story. The half hour ended with a replay of a piece she did for WMPG's election coverage in 2008. Track titles:

Cleveland Steel Train
Moving Train ME
Braddock, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down
Untitled (A few days before the election, Portland homeless people express their views on the state of the economy)

06/14/2011 - No show, due to fund-raising


Rob Rosenthal, Story Bank Maine: "Tuesdays with Molly Neptune Parker"
USM CMS 320 production class news feature: Brad Moore, USM Sports - Hammer Throw
Lorenzo Raffa: Interview with Anthony DiSalvo of the Sprout Touring Film Festival
USM CMS 320 production class news feature: Katrina Whittier, Bill to Ban Texting While Driving


News features from USM Production class CMS 320, Spring 2011

Justine Denny: Fundraising for Japan
Kyle Gevais: SMMC Bariatric Center
Corey Randall: USM Student Dept.
Kelly McDevitt: Nuclear Radiation
Andrea Nilosek: 48 Hour Film Contest
Steven Lee: Portland's Mayoral Candidates


Live interview with long-time Maine Alpha-Dog Producer and Audio-Guru Rob Rosenthal. Included this audio:

Story Bank Maine: "Worse Things That You Can Get Into"
SALT: Clay Bolton, "Four Feet Under"


Rob Rosenthal, Story Bank Maine: German POWs in Houlton
Lorenzo Raffa: Interview with Nateva organizer Frank Chandler
USM CMS 320 production class news feature: Nathan Hines, Medical Reports Online
Lorenzo Raffa: Larry Bliss Remembered
USM CMS 320 production class news feature: Brooks Jones, Banning Smoking at USM
Michael Townsend, Business as Usual ad satire: Wildlife International


Five pieces by veteran Maine producer Rob Rosenthal

Heard: At Once - Bell Buoys
Nothing Predictable: Kayaking Newfoundland
Fiddleheading on the Kennebec River
Story Bank Maine: Listening with Deer's Ears
Heard: At Once - Portland Headlight


No show


Four Podcasts from our sister community station WERU in Blue Hill, Maine:

Jim Campbell: Notes from the Electronic Cottage, 4/7/11
Robert McCall, host, and Denis Howard, engineer: Awanadjo Almanack, 4/8/11 - "Death and Resurrection"
Dr. Tim Hagney: Nature's Remedies, 4/14/11 - "Astragalus"
Larry Dansinger: Outside the Box, 4/26/11 - "The Crap Shoot"


SALT: "The Endless Winter," by Greg Warner
Lorenzo Raffa interviews Harry Shearer about his film "The Big Uneasy"
SALT: "G Wani", by Scott Ladley


Hosted by Andrea Muraskin

Vox pops from USM: "Don't Ask Don't Tell," "3-D movies"
"Hafid is Free" by Lee Fuoco (Salt piece)
"A Drum is Always with Me" by Andrea Muraskin (Salt piece)
Vox pop: "Where is the Fast Cash?" by Rachel James


Begathon edition: A selection of archived promos from the early 2000's.


A selection of vox pops from the Spring 2011 USM class Media Studies 320.


Hosted by Andrea Muraskin

"They Emerge in the Dark" by Lucas Willard (Salt piece)
"Time Elapsed Peepers" by Rob Rosenthal 
"Skin Deep" by Samantha Silver (Salt piece)
"50 Worst Bills for the Environment" Meredith DeFrancesco of WERU interview with Natural Resources Council of Maine Pete Didisheim, senior director of advocacy. First aired  March 9th on WERU
Played partially: "Hafid is Free" by Lee Fuoco (Salt piece)


Andrea Muraskin, WMPG, feature: Toboggan Championships
Doug Anderson, SALT, feature: "The Christopher I Knew"
Meaghan LaSala, WERU news, feature: Coalition of Immokalee Workers rally in Boston

03/08/2011: No program - preempted by Mardi Gras


A program of all SALT feature pieces:
Scott Ladley, "GetWool with Nanne"
Sarah Delia, "A Taste of PIE"
Leila Day, "Libby and the Girls"
Sara B. Curtis, "Make it Count"


Lorenzo Raffa: Waddy Welcome Special (excerpt)
SALT: Feature Piece, Anna Pinkert: "After the Flood"
SALT: Feature Piece, Georgia Moody: "More Than Just Houses"


SALT: Feature piece, Georgia Moodie, "Long After I'm Gone"
USM Media Studies production class podcast: Morgan Paine, "Safer Schools"
SALT: Feature piece, Joanna Zwangler, "Food on the Table"


Portland Radio Theater: serial drama, "Lost Souls," Episode 7
USM Media Studies production class podcast: Brian Giecci, "Graffiti"


Winners of the WMPG 2010 in-house awards for excellence in audio production, the Golden Minidisks:

First Place, Feature/Commentary: Isaac High, Blunt Youth Radio - "Greenwashing and Consumerism"
First Place, Promo: Steven Emmons - Scott Hamman on Big Talk
First Place, Other: Steve "Zippy" Sesto - "The Decent Docent"
Best Writing: Fred Greenhalgh - "The War on Poverty"
PD's Pick: Carey Corrow, Dan Malcolm, and Ethan Chanterelle - Surfer Dude ID

And an extra:

Audio drama/sound collage: Sam Rapaport, "The Elephant"


Cohosted by Blunt Youth Radio's Claire Holman; a discussion and airing of the top four winners in the 2011 Great Northeast Radio Rally Audio Slam:

4th: Jesse Newcomb, Indpendent producer, Portland, Maine
3rd: Patrick Presby, Blunt Youth Radio, WMPG
2nd: Vikky Cruz, Radio Rookies, WNYC
1st: AJ Frazier, Radio Rookies, WNYC


News report/interview: Lorenzo Raffa in conversation with Rachel Talbot Ross of the NAACP about Governor LePage's "kiss my butt" comment.
USM Media Studies production class podcast: Joseph Governale, "Directing Theater"


Portland Radio Theater: serial drama, "Lost Souls," Episode 6
USM Media Studies production class podcast: Eric Cyr, "Digital Music and Bull Moose"


Portland Radio Theater: serial drama, "Lost Souls," Episode 5
USM Media Studies production class podcast: Andrea LaPointe, "Marathons"
Meaghan LaSala, feature: Clayton Rogers Profile


USM Media Studies production class podcast: Laura White, "Local Foods"
Portland Radio Theater: serial drama, "Lost Souls," Episode 4


Portland Radio Theater: serial drama, "Lost Souls," Episode 3
Meaghan LaSala: Community Radio Act
Lorenzo Raffa: The Lorenzo Commentaries, "Bowling for WMPG"
Blunt Youth Radio: William Nelligan, "West Wing Moment"


Steven Lee: USM Media Studies production class podcast, "Serious Games"
Portland Radio Theater: serial drama, "Lost Souls," Episode 2
Dylan Martin: Obama visit vox pop


Meaghan LaSala: WERU news report, EMMC nurses on strike
Lorenzo Raffa: Interview with Steely Dan guitarist Jon Herington
Portland Radio Theater: serial drama, "Lost Souls," Episode 1
Business as Usual: commercial parody, "Jackie Hancock"


Podcast: SALTcast #58, "Dam Radio Story," featuring the work of Molly Friedman
Lorenzo Raffa: feature piece, "Good Good World"
Carrie Losneck and Zack Barowitz: commentary, "Thanks but no Thanksgiving"


Blunt Youth Radio: Isaac Woodbury High, "The Meaning of Green"
Meaghan LaSala: Appalachian Trail - Bound for Maine
Ness Smith-Savedoff: Day Five - The Ocean
Roy Ghim: Portland Buy Local interview
Business as Usual: Linty Mints, Ammo Armory, Emptymart 2


Podcast: SALTcast #52, "Just Another Fish Story" featuring the work of Molly Menschel
Feature: "Size Isn't Everything", a profile of Portland luthier Joel Eckhouse, by independent producer Shea Shackelford
SALT feature: "The Flock from the Block", by Andy Mills


Selections from the WMPG Election '08 Archives

Lorenzo Raffa: Strive U
Carrie Losneck: A few days before the election Portland homeless people express their views on the state of the economy
Blunt Youth Radio: Voters on the role of the media
Lorenzo Raffa: Election day turnout
Steven Emmons: Voters self-identify

Casco Bay Radio: "This Casco Bay Life" A half-hour documentary produced in December 2007 by students at Casco Bay High about their school.

Begathon Edition!
Various producers: a variety of Classic Begathon pitches

Feature: Roy Ghim, "State Theater Audio Sneak Preview"
Begathon promo: Lorenzo Raffa, "Here Comes The Sun"
Begathon promo: Ceci Gilson "Telephone Rings"
Begathon promo: Michael Townsend/Dan Bernard, "Star Dreck"
Podcast: SALTcast #45, "Hot Lunch", featuring the work of Audrey Dilling

Live interview with Ronan Kelly, visiting producer from RTE, the national radio network of Ireland

Meaghan LaSala: "Sedgeunkedunk Stream Restoration"
SALTcast #59: "Powered by Laughter"
Fred Greenhalgh: "The War on Poverty"

Kevin Attra: "Boys' Night Out, Part 3"
SALT: Kelley Libby, "A Reason for the Purpose"

Meaghan LaSala: Beehive Voices

SALT: Zachary McCune, "The Maine Event"
SALT: Macon Reed, "Gamers"
SALT: Saltcast #13, examining the production of Sara Paul's "Truckstop Love Affair"

SALT: Kelly Libbey, "Talk of the Town"
Blunt Youth Radio: Emily LaFond, "The Cigarette Bath"
Gabrielle Heggeman and Elijah O'Baoighill: "Swasey-Torrey Post 100, Maine"; an ethnography based in Dixfield at the American Legion

Fred Greenhalgh: The Troll of Stony Brook, Episode 5
Blunt Youth Radio: Iris San Giovanni, "Homelessness: It Could Happen to Anyone, Even my Dad"
Blunt Youth Radio: Gavin Bauer, "Housing the Homeless"
Blunt Youth Radio: Zoe High, "How we see the Homeless"
SALT: Jennifer Formuziewich, "Trash"
Business as Usual: "Gin-Soaked Knives"

Fred Greenhalgh: The Troll of Stony Brook, Episode 4
WMPG music review: Steve Cain reviewing Obsidian Conspiracy, by Nevermore
SALT: J Holt, "The Last Bridge"
Blunt Youth Radio: Libby Donovan, "Bus Basics"

SALT: Saltcast #55: How I get By
Fred Greenhalgh: The Troll of Stony Brook, Episode 3
WMPG Promo: Michael Townsend and Dan Bernard, "Cajun Guy" Car donation promo

Fred Greenhalgh: The Troll of Stony Brook, Episode 2
WERU: "Women's Windows" - Marge May interviews Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, author of "My Little Red Book."
Blunt Youth Radio: Chandra Touch, "The All-American Cambodian"

Fred Greenhalgh: The Troll of Stony Brook, Episode 1
Lorenzo Raffa: Ween
WERU: Bill O'Connell, Blue Hill Science - Lobsters
SALT: Zachary McCune, A World of their Own


Guest host: Victoria Foley

SALT: Elizabeth Donovan, "Senior Citizens' Barber Shop"
SALT: Heather Radke, "Womyn I Am"
Victoria Foley: Love Letter to Portland
SALT: Adam Allington, "Crayola"

Meaghan Lasala: Kibby Protest June 2010
Zack Barowicz: Off the Eatin' Path, "Buy My Dinner Party"
SALT: Jennifer Formuziewich, "The Water Hunt"
Blunt Youth Radio: Charlotte MacDonald, "A Softer Voice"
Blunt Youth Radio: Anna Flanagan, Reflections on Environmental Club
WMPG Promo: Ben Weinstein, Hip Hop is Alive
WMPG Promo: Fred Greenhalgh, Radio Drama Revival

Talking Shop with Jessica Lockhart
WMPG veteran producer Jessica Lockhart in live conversation with host Dee Bunker about her work. Audio examples include two of her pieces and one by David Isay selected by her, as follows:

Jessica: Deep Brain Stimulation (excerpt)
David Isay: Witness to the Execution (excerpt)
Jessica: 50th High School Reunion

WERU Day! Five samples of weekly features from our sister station in Blue Hill:
Esoterica 6/9/10, Andree Bella: "The Universe is a Love Story"
Nature's Remedies 4/15/10, Dr. Tim Hagney
World Ocean Radio, 6/23/10, produced by World Ocean Obersvatory in Boothbay Harbor
Outside the Box 6/29/10, Larry Dansinger: "Hate Crimes"
Ask W.A.M. 6/2/10, Daryl DeJoy

SALT: Bradley Campbell, "Left for Dead"
WERU: Jim Campbell, Notes from the Electronic Cottage, 6/1/7/10
Blunt Youth Radio: David Barber-Callaghan, "Should I Stay or Should I Go (to the Prom)"