Money Talks

More people would rather talk about their sex lives than their financial problems. Let's break down those barriers and spend a half-hour talking about the issues and concerns people have about managing their personal finances. Light-hearted, humorous, and not afraid to ask (and answer) the questions and problems that are keeping you up at night. Join Alison Tralongo on Wednesday nights at 8 pm as she talks with guests about different financial topics that you face every day.

01/26/11 Lisa Birnbach, "True Prep"

01/05/11 Terri Wright, Condo and Renters Insurance.

12/01/10 The Letter P: Paula P., passion, priorities.









05/26/10 Car insurance: the law says we have to have it, but why (and how much)? Mona Freeman of Clark Insurance tells us what car insurance is really all about, including how to get the right amount of coverage so you’re not paying too much.

05/19/10 Learn more about helping your elderly friends and relatives as they age. Lisa Fuller, an elder care advisor and owner of life stages, gives us more tips on how to help people close to us deal with the aging process.

05/05/10 Would your landlord describe you as a good tenant? Learn how to be a good renter (you should be one). Wendy Paradis, an attorney with Bernstein Shur, gives us tips on how to maintain a good relationship with your landlord.









02/24/10 Think you can’t eat healthy foods on a budget? Think again! Jackie Conn of Weight Watchers of Maine gives us ideas on how to eat well and still save money.

02/17/10 Think you have credit card problems? Listen to Kandy Hildebrandt talk about how her family got mired in $106,000 of credit debt and how they managed to pay it off.

02/10/10 Did you know that being a life insurance agent is the world's third oldest profession? Neither did Alison until she had a very humorous discussion with Marty Duggan of Clark Insurance about the need for life insurance.

02/03/10 Angel Food Ministries offers boxes of food at discounted prices. Learn more about this program, which is offered to everyone regardless of income and religious preferences.

01/27/10 What is long term care insurance and why would you need it? Todd Grove of LTC Financial Partners takes the mystery out of long-term care insurance and explains why it can be a vital part of your financial future.

01/20/10 Want to raise some cash? Samantha Sucidlo tells us how to sell our unwanted items on eBay.

01/13/10 What is it like to dig yourself out of $70,000 in debt? Listen to Jaime relate her story of why she wanted to become debt free and how she did it in less than a year.

12/30/09 Ever wanted to be a landlord? Bill Sullivan from Sullivan Multi Realty talks about the pros and cons of buying and owning a duplex.

12/23/09 Kennedy Barteaux from Portland Hour Exchange joins us again with more tips on how to inexpensively winterize our homes.

12/16/09 It's getting cold out there! Kennedy Barteaux from Portland Hour Exchange tells us how we can winterize our homes. Learn inexpensive ways to keep the heat in your house and the cold air out.


12/02/09 Jackie Wiegleb from Consumer Credit Counseling joins us again to talk about the credit score created from your credit report. We discuss how the score is calculated, how a high score can save you money, and how to increase your score if it isn't as high as you would like.

11/18/09 There are many free resources for small business owners in Maine. Gretchen Henn, Southern Maine Women's Business Center Program Director and Business Counselor at Coastal Enterprises, Inc. joins Alison to tell us about these great programs (and did we mention that they are free?)

11/04/09 Confession time! What were the best and worst financial decisions you ever made? Listen to Alison and Goober compare notes (along with with some guests) about who made the biggest mistakes and the best decisions.

10/28/09 Free Money. Living in Portland and want to take advantage of some free advice and help with your finances? Nicole Evans of the United Way talks about the resources that are available through the CA$H program. Find out if you are eligible to have you taxes done for free!

10/21/09 Two for the price of one! Listen to Alison grovel for donations during the Fall WMPG Begathon! Also get advice from Nicole Avery, SVP of Resource Development at the United Way of Greater Portland about donating your time and money to the non-profit of your choice. Find out if a $5 donation makes a difference ( does!).

10/14/09 Thinking about buying your first house? Molly, a first-time homebuyer, joins Alison to discuss the joys and challenges of buying a home. We discuss everything from making the decision to buy a house to convincing the bank to approve you for a mortgage.

10/07/09 Is owning a franchise right for you? Bruce Wildes and Glenn Cooper, franchise experts, join Alison to talk about the pros and cons of buying a franchise. Find out how to decide whether to take the plunge into the world of franchising and how to figure out which of the 5,000 potential businesses may be right for you.

09/23/09 Kids and Money. Can you teach a young child about money? Deb Landry returns to discuss how and why we should talk with our young children about money. She also answers the controversial question of allowance or no allowance.

09/16/09 Thinking about giving up the "regular" workforce and following your dreams? Alison talks with Brian Healey, a professional musician, about the financial challenges and professional rewards of pursuing your dreams.

09/09/09 Surviving Financially. Ironically, the fastest way to become bankrupt is to suddenly receive a large sum of money. Learn how to happily and responsibly deal with this situation from Maine's own Survivor winner, Bob Crowley and his wife Peggy.

09/02/09 The economic downturn has caused an upswing in domestic violence. Alison talks with Emily Flowers, the Public Awareness Coordinator with Caring Unlimited, about how to deal with money if you are a victim of domestic violence. They also discuss the financial resources that are available to people who want to leave their home situation.

08/26/09 Never think about being disabled? Neither did Erin Ruiz, until she became permanently disabled and found herself with no job, no insurance, and no income. Erin describes how to keep going financially and emotionally after this life-changing experience.

08/19/09 Thinking about starting your own business? Rene Minnis, a successful small-business owner, describes the joys and challenges of starting and running a small business.

08/05/09 "All decisions are based on money and emotion". Alison talks about one of her favorite statements and asks listeners to call in to give their viewpoints. Everything from the emotions around reusing ziplock bags to spending large amounts of money on a fancy wedding are discussed.

07/29/09 You've talked with your teenager about sex and drugs, but how much time have you spent discussing money? Deb Landry, author and parent coach, talks with Alison about ways to productively talk about money with your teen and how to prepare them for finances in the "real world".

07/22/09 Wondering if Social Security will be around when you retire? Robert Clark, Public Affairs Specialist at the Social Security Administration, talks about the Social Security retirement benefits, who is eligible to receive the money, and whether the funds will be available when we retire.

07/15/09 Why is it so important to have a will? Marianna Fenton, a partner at Roinson, Kriger & McCallum, explains how a will protects you and your family. She also gives tips on how to begin talking about this subject with your loved ones. Listen to a lively discussion on preparing your "last love letter" to your family.

07/08/09 Diane Dunton, the owner of Potential Released Consulting Services, joins Alison to discuss the emotional impact of layoffs. What are the emotions you go through when you lose your job? How do you tell your family and friends, and how can they help you find another job?  Diane gives us the advice we need to get through these hard times

07/01/09 Dr. Anne from Safe Space stays to talk with Alison about achieving priorities, overcoming other people's objections to your goals, and how to follow your dreams, no matter what the obstacles.

06/24/09 What are your financial and non-financial priorities? Alison talks about how to discover your priorities in life, how to set goals based on these priorities, and how your personal finances should support these goals.

06/10/09 Is it possible to fight fair about money? Susan Wiggin from Child-Centered Solutions and Jed French of Powers and French share tips on how to have a fair fight. Do they agree with Alison's thought that any fight she wins was a fair fight? Since the answer is "no", learn the components of a fair fight and hear some examples of what a fair fight sounds like.

06/03/09 One of the biggest financial challenges during a lifetime is divorce. Jay Cross, a financial advisor and Board Member of the Kids First Center, gives us advice on how to handle financial issues after a divorce. Topics include things to think during and after a divorce, and how to avoid some common mistakes people make during this process.

05/27/09 Let's have a financial revolution! Alison and Goober (our talented engineer) talk about the foundations of our revolution, which include not signing our name to any financial documents we don't understand, talking with our children about money, and saying "I don't use credit cards" when salespeople offer us long-term financing.

05/20/09 Alison is always trying to lower her food bill. Michael Norton from Hannaford Supermarkets gives her information about how to save money at the grocery store. Alison and Michael also discuss whether it is possible to eat healthy foods on a budget.

05/13/09 Learn how to live a great life on not a lot of money. Frugality is a useful skill that can be learned! Former WMPG host and current engineer Jen Hodsdon shares her tips on how to stretch a dollar.

05/06/09 Want to save money by buying a foreclosed, short sale, or auction property? Deb Abbondanza of Bangor Savings Bank shares the ins and outs of buying a distressed property. She also lets us know what to be wary of when considering a purchase, and where to find these deals.

04/29/09 Alison talks about different, unique ways to save money (and giving up your daily coffee is NOT one of the recommendations).

04/22/09 Learn affordable ways to get a college degree! Dr. James Ortez, the President of Southern Maine Community College, shares his insights on how a college degree can be affordable.

04/15/09 With the weather getting nicer, yard sales are literally just around the corner! Joan Cox tells us how to raise money and get rid of clutter at the same time. She gives tips on how to run a successful yard sale, including when to use the phrase "make an offer, but don't insult me".

04/08/09 Think "social marketing" means having a Tupperware party? Alison did until she talked with Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino, founder of and expert in this new marketing field. Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other networking sites to promote your business.

04/01/09 Is now a good time to buy a house? Debby Abbondanza, a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, explains what happened to the booming housing market of a few years ago. She lets us in on the best way to prepare for home ownership so you can afford to buy and enjoy your home for many years to come.

03/29/09 Leslie Linfield, Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Financial Literacy, joins Alison for a special discussion on women and money. Learn how the special women in your life can prepare to be financially fit during their lifetime.

03/25/09 How are you holding up in this economy? Alison invites listeners to be her guests this week as we talk about how to deal with the recession and job losses. Hear other people talk about what they are doing to make it through these hard times.

03/11/09 Consignment shops can be a great way make money (by selling your clothes) or save money (by buying clothes at discounted prices). Learn some "tricks of the trade" from Betsy Hangley, owner of Gentry's Consignment Boutique in Newburyport, MA.

02/25/09 Should you use a recruiter/headhunter for help finding a job? What advice would a professional recruiter give to someone who just got laid off? Tap into 30 years of recruiting experience when Kim Gerard gives us his insight into the wild world of job hunting. Find out why your computer might be your new best friend if you are looking for a job.

02/18/09 Should you use an accountant or buy tax software? Marc Poulin of Poulin Financial Services talks about what to expect when using tax software versus hiring an accountant to do your taxes. Learn the odds of getting audited. Find out why potential cabinet members can't quite get their taxes done to IRS standards.

02/04/09 Bankruptcy might not be fun, but it is better than debtor's prison and a constitutional right. Alison learns the pros and cons of bankruptcy from Leslie Linfield, Executive Director of the Institute for Financial Literacy.

01/21/09 Wondering how you can get more years and miles out of your car? Think buying a used car is better than buying a new one? Join Alison and Dennis Crosen of S&T Motors for a discussion on how to keep your four-wheeled friend happy for the long haul.

01/14/09 Worried about layoffs? Alison discusses her three rules on how to prepare for, survive, and even thrive financially when faced with a layoff.