USM Media Studies Audio Production 220

"CMS 220 students vist with MPBN host Irwin Gratz"

Nine USM media studies students are creating great sound in Audio Production 1. Here are 15 minute interviews that the students did live with a guest and engineer. Please give a listen to some thoughtful and fun interviews on the podcast called "Table Talk".

USM's media studies 220 audio class.

Student Choice projects.

Greek Life with guest Catherine Lake PRODUCER Sarh Ahearn Download
The Sock Shack with guest Lori Dorr PRODUCER Cassady Applegarth Download
350maine with guest Bob Klotz PRODUCER Todd Erickson Download
Horror Radio Drama with Prof. Matthew Killmier PRODUCER Julia Giancola Download
Market Basket strike with guest Prof. Michael Hillard PRODUCER Alec Hirschberg Download
Male eating disorders with guest Patrice Lockhart PRODUCER Cody Marcroft/font> Download
Women's Beaty Standards with guest Prof. Lisa Walker PRODUCER Jenna Palladino Download
Equality Maine with guest Elise Johannsen PRODUCER Bethany Paquette Download
End 68 Hours of Hunger with guest Patty Guette PRODUCER Brianna Potter Download