The Lorenzo Commentaries:

In the summer of 2004 Steve Hirshon told me of his plans to put together a different kind of magazine show entitled Fore River Gazette and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I'm sort of a pop culture nut and the chance to share my views to more than family and coworkers was thrilling. FRG ended its eight week run, but Steve was gracious enough to ask me to continue contributing commentaries to his Thursday morning drive-time show Huckkin' A Chainek (at 7:45AM). My subjects now go beyond popular culture, sometimes serious, sometimes trivial, but always, well, a Lorenzo commentary. Enjoy!

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Updated: 9/08/09 Woodstock! Lorenzo interviews John Lehman, a former Mainer currently living in Maryland. He was there and tells us all about it! Click here for John Lehman interview!.

Lorenzo has always been a "BIG" Monkees fan and when WMPG began planning for a Fall 2008 Film Series he suggested us presenting the Monkee's cult psychedelic classic movie Head. Everyone thought this was a great idea and Lorenzo contacted Monkee Historian Andrew Sandoval to participate in the presentation by being interviewed live via the phone before the screening. This 19 minute interview was heard live by the theater audience. This a recording of the interview! Click here for Andrew Sandoval interview!.

Lorenzo's 2006 Open Mic Page! Is Axyl Nuts?(2:25)
Folks that didn't vote(2:35)
Pro-Tabor Folks speak out(2:43)
Election Night Horror Stories(1:15)
1. Goodnight Jonny(2:21)
2. Worst Show Ever(2:25)
3. Lorenzo Raffa, M.D.?(2:28)
4. PSA that never made air (& the one that did)(1:38)
5. The Morning After(2:14)
6. Moving On After 11/2(1:51)
7. I Didn't Have a Heart Attack(2:51)
8. Bob, Mark, & Me(2:36)
9. Gene Knows (2:33)
10. About Frank & Phranc(2:55)
11. DVD Culture(3:04)
12. New, Improved Concert Season(2:51)
13. Civility & Talk Radio(3:02)
14. Flush the Fashion(3:55)
15.Feature Story: Workin' at the Gap (4:25) 16. ADDition(3:09)
17. Almost Famous(3:13)
18. Forgiveness(3:39)
19. Happy Birthday to Me!!(3:48)
20. I Hear Voices(4:09)
21. Java Jive(3:00)
22. Judge Not(3:26)
23. Supreme Bummer(2:25)
24. Tick Tick Tick(2:19)
25. Weezer Geezer(4:04)

The Lorenzo Radio Open Mic Series: Some great stuff hear!

On Thursday October 8, 2009 we presented the seventh edition of WMPG's Radio Open Mic. It was in front of a live audience, at the University of Southern Maine Portland Woodbury Campus Center Amphitheater and broadcast live on WMPG. It was a great show with more than twenty participants. We recorded it so if you missed it click here to hear the entire show.
Click to hear recording of Radio Open Mic 2009!

Us Folk host Chris Darling has said in interviews that he was a regular listener of my old 'MPG show Emotionally Bankrupt and Morally in Debt. I, in turn, am a big fan of him and his program. So when Chris needed a Christmas Eve sub and I had the day off work, I figured it was fate and offered my services. But I didn't want to just play CDs when Chris has on incredible live performers on week after week. I love the open mic concept in clubs but have never heard it done on the radio, so I asked Chris, he OK'd it, and Program Director Dave Bunker helped me make it a reality Thanks also to show producer Christina Truesdale and engineer Rick Alderette for giving up a piece of their Christmas Eve Day, and the performers who took the chance. This is how it began...flash forward to December '06 and Lorenzo was hosting Radio Open Mic 3 and this was such a success that WMPG couldn't wait another year to bring it back. For its first Spring edition, ROM4 aired on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28 in South by Southwest's usual time slot, 8:30-10:30AM (thanks, Lincoln!). Host Lorenzo Raffa presented for two hours of unscripted, off-the-cuff performances by local musicians, comics and whoever else shows up at the studio, as well as MP3s sent to
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ROM4 (Memorial Day 2007)

Radio Open Mic 4 Part 1 - Show Open - Lorenzo Raffa/Love Lies Like Bones Through Skin - pal (mp3)/Attention Deficit Blues - Bluezberry Jam (live)/Choo-Choo Cha-Boogie Bluezberry Jam (live)

Radio Open Mic 4 Part 2 - Techno Song - Leigh Charest (mp3)/Hip Hop Dream - The Blisstones (CD)/ Spoken Word - Myra Robinson (live)

Radio Open Mic 4 Part 3 -Wellspring - Katherine Rhoda (mp3)/Narrow Daylight - Fox-Williams Music(mp3)/Paint Me a Lighthouse - Eric Bettencourt (mp3)/Prodigal Son Rag - Chuck Muldoon (live)

Radio Open Mic 4 Part 4 -Creeping Cat - Chuck Muldoon (live)/Annabelle - Jeff Beam (mp3)/Have What's Mine - Sidereal Day (mp3)/Rain Falls Outside My Window - Dan Knudsen (live)


1. Intro/Promo lorenzo Raffa (:54)
2. Summer Ends / Rick Colella(3:18)
3. Linus & Lucy / Rick Colella(3:03)
4. An Untitled Movin Song / Elaine Colella(2:57)
5. A Cool Perfect Breeze / Elaine Colella(2:57)
6. Play Me / Chris B. & Kate(1:35)
7. I'll Never Be Free / Chris B. & Kate(2:14)
8. Medley Rockin Around The Christmass Tree(2:31)
9. I Can't Be Satisfied / Brendon Champaign (2:19)
10. I Sing of a Night in Bethleham / Brian Hoye(1:44)
11. The Little Drummer Boy / Howard Cossell(3:04)