Katherine Rhoda's rare 19th century play-by number instruments
Katherine Rhoda's rare 19th century play-by number instruments, the guitar-violin and the Marxophone

It's both the most fun and scariest parts of doing a live, on the air, unscripted, totally off-the-cuff (did I mention live?) program accurately entitled Radio Open Mic. Will anyone show up? Fortunately that question was answered shortly after Jim Pinfold's Reasonable Music had signed off the air with his James Brown tribute. Nineteen year-old Jaeger Wells showed up, electric guitar in hand, offering to play as much or as little as we needed; followed closely by former WMPG Textures World Music show host Katherine Rhoda, with rare, early 20th century play-by number instruments the Marxophone and the Guitar-Violin.

As J played his composition "Oceanography" Brianna Crusan arrived with her tuning bowl and xylophone-like chimes, ready to favor us with her new age improvisational singing. It was then I realized that this radio show would be unlike any I've ever been involved in. It only got better. Singer/songwriter Erik Moody stopped by. Crossfade's Barb Truex came in early to entertain us with her family of ukuleles, a banjo-uke (it was a morning of musical instrument morphing!), and a baritone uke, which is basically 2/3 of a guitar. Acoustic Coffee co-founder Mark Lembo came in just under the 10:30 wire to favor us with a tune. (sadly, just three days later Acoustic Coffee will join the long list of great lost venues as it changes ownership and name). Did I mention the MP3s? Rick and Elaine Colella, who were my first guests on the first Radio Open Mic in '04 were in sunny Florida yet graced us with a track apiece. We had Greg Stump ski film music from the 80's by Ted Musgrave & the G-Men, acoustic duo Mike & Jameson from Westbrook, a roving band of mandolinists known by many names that play together only once a year on Peaks Island, great pop rock from band Null Hype, singer/songwriter Pal (yup...just Pal), Windham amateur jam band The Tuners, electronic Goth by DJ Dozo Hitomi from NYC, and, finally, "Smoke on the Water" by cover band TASK.

Wow! What a show. By the end, I was totally blown away by the talent, and utterly exhausted. My undying gratitude to engineer Jeff Eastman, the engineer that kept the train on track (forgive the pun), Blizzard Bob, who okayed my stray from his wonderful Bluegrass format, Local Motives' Jan Wilkinson who spread the word better than I could ever hope to, and P.D. Dave Bunker, who could not be more helpful and encouraging. Radio Open Mic 4, anyone? I'm ready! and here it is! Memorial Day 2007 audio below.

Radio Open Mic 4 Part 1 - Show Open - Lorenzo Raffa/Love Lies Like Bones Through Skin - pal (mp3)/Attention Deficit Blues - Bluezberry Jam (live)/Choo-Choo Cha-Boogie Bluezberry Jam (live)

Radio Open Mic 4 Part 2 - Techno Song - Leigh Charest (mp3)/Hip Hop Dream - The Blisstones (CD)/ Spoken Word - Myra Robinson (live)

Radio Open Mic 4 Part 3 - Wellspring - Katherine Rhoda (mp3)/Narrow Daylight - Fox-Williams Music(mp3)/Paint Me a Lighthouse - Eric Bettencourt (mp3)/Prodigal Son Rag - Chuck Muldoon (live)

Radio Open Mic 4 Part 4 - Creeping Cat - Chuck Muldoon (live)/Annabelle - Jeff Beam (mp3)/Have What's Mine - Sidereal Day (mp3)/Rain Falls Outside My Window - Dan Knudsen (live)


Lorenzo Raffa Lorenzo Promo! 


Jaeger Wells Ocenaograph Live  3:41
Elaine Colella

Little Stream  

Rick Colella Joey  3:10
Mike and Jameson Shakespeare's Melody  3:19
Katherine Rhoda Shante Live 2:10
Katherine Rhoda In My bones  2:01
Ted Musgrave & the G-Men xoxoxo  3:21
Tuners Anticipation Jam  3:48
Brianna Crusan Vocal Improvisation  4:20
DJ Dozo Hitomi Follow  3:16
pal I Know Those Lips  3:27
Jaeger Wells Finding Houses at Dusk  3:27
TASK Smoke On The Water  5:13
Mike and Jameson Angel Rain  4:05
Erik Moody Untitled (as of now)  1:19
Erik Moody So Well  2:17
Erik Moody Sidewalk Shakedown  3:12
Mando-Commandos My Favorite Things  1:52
Mando-Commandos The Nutcracker  1:26
Barb Truex 2 Brothers/Mother's Room  3:21
Barb Truex Swingin' Uke  1:50
Tuners Grunge  4:27
Mark Lembo Train Station  2:49